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How Have Solid Print3D Assisted With The COVID19 Face Shield Effort?

It was late March and Neil Sewell (owner of Solid Print3D) received a call from his sister at her Dental Practice. She informed him that Warwick Hospital had no Face Shields, and they were ringing around all the local dental …

Tom Watkins

June 5, 2020

It was late March and Neil Sewell (owner of Solid Print3D) received a call from his sister at her Dental Practice. She informed him that Warwick Hospital had no Face Shields, and they were ringing around all the local dental practices to see if they could donate their PPE to protect the hospital staff from the Covid-19 virus.

We decided to start printing Face Shield head bands on our demo machines at full speed but Solid Print3D were only able to produce ~ 25 per day.

At Solid Print3D & Solid Solutions we are fortunate to have over 18,000 UK customers, and we thought that a handful of these customers might be in a position to help.

The response to our email requesting help was phenomenal. We had over 300 responses and led to the formation of our Covid-19 Response LinkedIn Group: which now stands at nearly 400 members.

With the help of so many of Solid Solutions, and our Solid Print3D customers we have been able to donate well over 11,500 face shields to the NHS! This number will have played a part in the battle against COVID 19. We can’t thank every company enough for helping.

A “Thank You” Video For Everyone Who Helped Fight Covd-19 with 3D Printers

131 companies, 36 individuals, along with our Solid Print 3D, and Solid Solutions staff’s personal printers we have managed to pull together to create a difference.

Throughout this process we have heard so many times that “I can only donate a few shields” however with so many people doing the same, were truly amazed at the feat that has been achieved by everyone. Now that injection moulding tools have come online, the need the face shields to be 3D Printed has reduced. However COVID 19 is still apparent in the U.K, so the difference PPE is making is huge and PPE helped save lives.

By using our Ultimaker and Sindoh FDM 3D printers, we could only donate so many. But with the help of so many companies and their printers, a truly impressive number was 3D Printed, and donated free of charge.

Further information on how we 3D Printed face shields

if you would like to see more details on how we 3D printed face shields, feel free to check out our blog posts linked below.

Final note

During these tough times we would love to help your business find ways to save money. To speak to a 3D Printing expert, call us on 01926 333 777 or check out our contact us section.

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