Desktop Water Jet Cutter, The First Of It’s Kind

Wazer, a US based company, have created the first-ever desktop water jet cutter. The small, compact unit can fit in any workshop. The machine can cut through any material, allowing you as a designer to explore new designs without being constrained by your tools.

The Wazer can cut through any material


Guaranteed clean, quality cuts every time

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Small, compact unit that can fit in any workshop


The Wazer is cost effective when compared to other CNC or Laser machines


All you need is a power source, standard water supply and abrasive

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How It Works

Easy and Simple to Use

The Wazer is so easy to setup and use. Simply plug the device into any standard power socket, connect to a water supply and load with abrasive. Input your memory card containing the svg or dxf file, press ‘Start’ and watch your shape being cut.

The process has been carefully designed so that it can be used in any workshop. With every purchase of a Wazer, you will receive access to the Wazer Learning Portal. The portal contains information on every aspect; how to setup the device, how to fix bugs, information on materials and much more.

Our expert team at Solid Print3D are happy to help with any questions or difficulties you may also encounter.


Check out the material range and possible cutting thickness

Stainless Steel

Max thickness: 3.05mm

Low Carbon Steel

Max thickness: 6.35mm


Max thickness: 12.7mm


Max thickness: 12.7mm

Tool Steel

Max thickness: 4.06mm

Carbon Fibre

Max thickness: 4.78mm

Boro Glass

Max thickness: 15.88mm

Aluminium 6061

Max thickness: 12.7mm


Max thickness: 12.7mm

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