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Voltera build products that enable you to print rigid, soft, flexible or stretchable electronics – optimising research and development productivity at your desk.

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NOVA was recently launched by Voltera and is the world’s first printer designed for creating soft, stretchable, and conformable electronics.






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The world’s first benchtop printer for soft and flexible electronics. 

What if you could explore the possible applications for electronics to the furthest reaches of your imagination, without being limited by materials? And what if you could do it all right from your workbench? 


The Voltera V-One is the new standard in electronics education.

The V-One was used by Princeton Universities Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department so that the students can validate experiments and gain intuition that they wouldn’t get from outsourcing. 

Product Development

Essential for product developers to take idea to functional prototype 

Voltera were set a challenge at the IDTechEX Show to print a circuit on the spot. The IDTechEX show is where innovators go to discuss emerging technologies like electric vehicles, photonics, RFID, emerging technologies and wearables. They accepted the challenge and won, showing how fast the V-One can print a PCB.

Smart Alignment

Align the V-One quickly using Voltera’s smart height probe and existing board features as fiducials for XY alignment.


With a compact design, the V-One drill maintains a 3 mil runout even at high speeds.


A precise dispensing system uses an internal leadscrew for extremely fine fluid control. Deposit ink and solder paste with a 0.65mm pin-to-pin pinch.


Cure ink and reflow with one click using pre-registered heating profiles for Voltera materials on the integrated 550W heater, able to reach 240C.

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