Using 3D Printing for Welding fixtures

Learn How to create Welding Jigs & fixtures using 3D Printers.


Neil Sewell

September 19, 2019

Traditional fixtures for welding are either general-use and difficult to assemble or highly customized and costly.

In this installment of the tooling and fixturing webinar series we’ll share how 3D printed welding fixtures can alleviate many of these problems with quick-turnaround custom fixturing to save cost and time in your production environment.


The only thing more critical to welding success than good fixturing is a good welder. Standard welding fixtures all have their downsides — machined fixtures are effective but expensive to produce, modular fixtures are cheap but difficult to assemble, and hacked-together solutions produce poor welds far more often than successful ones.

3D printed fixtures marry the quality and ease-of-use of machined fixtures with the cost and manufacturing simplicity of modular fixtures. Complexity is free on 3D printed welding fixtures. As a result, you can design parts that conformally and securely hold complex assemblies for welding.

The below video covers:

  • Welding Fixture Introduction
  • Where Does 3D Printing Fit In?
  • Why 3D Print Jigs & Fixtures?
  • Implementation Examples

If this has “sparked” your interest please feel free to reach out to discuss how 3D printing could save your business money.

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