Formlabs Training Manual

Formlabs SLA Training

The 3D printing with SLA course teaches users how to operate their Formlabs SLA printers. This course will help you to understand what stereolithography (SLA) is, what components are inside your Formlabs machine and how you can optimise your setup to successfully print highly detailed parts, every time.

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Price £425.00


Additive Manufacturing

Design for Additive Manufacturing

The Design for Additive Training course teaches users how to design products in CAD for manufacture/ prototype by 3D Printing. The course will help you understand the capabilities of 3D Printing machines, how to design for optimism printing time & quality. We teach latticing, undercuts, topology optimisation & many other topics to speed up & improve your 3D Printing.

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Price £425.00


FFF Training

FDM/ FFF Training

The FDM/ FFF Training course teaches users how to get the best results from their FDM style printer. The course is generic across our various FDM printers and will help users understand nozzle temperature, material properties, infill, skin thickness, overhand, support structures, rafts and many other topics to ensure you get your prints right-first-time.

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Price £425.00



Pocket NC 101 Online Course

Learn the basics of using the Pocket NC V2-10 at This course will walk through all of the important steps of making a basic part on the Pocket NC mill. This course is ideal for the user new to CAM and CNC machining.

The online course is predominately videos with the scripted text written below. The online course is comprised of 5 chapters and a total of 23 lessons. Material will take novice students about 8-10 hours to complete.

Price £50 – £330 EX.VAT


Training Passports

Our Training courses are available to purchase seperately or as a Passport. The Passport offers a named user access to all our courses over a 12 month period and each course can be sat as often as required.


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