Top 10 Things To Know About Markforged 3D Printing

Interested in Markforged 3D printing? Here are some interesting facts about the company and thier products for you to read before you buy. History 1.In 2013 Gregory Mark and David Benheim founded Markforged. Their goal was to change the additive …

Neil Sewell

September 18, 2020

Interested in Markforged 3D printing? Here are some interesting facts about the company and thier products for you to read before you buy.


1.In 2013 Gregory Mark and David Benheim founded Markforged. Their goal was to change the additive manufacturing industry forever. At a previous company, Greg created aerodynamics for race cars. He concluded that being able to quickly fabricate strong composite based components would be extremely beneficial and a real game changer. As a result of this, they created the industry leading fused deposition modelling (FDM) composite and metal part production known today as Markforged 3D Printing.

2. In 2014 Markforged launched the Mark One; a one of a kind FDM 3D printer that could reinforce the components with carbon fibre in real time. This made it the only additive manufacturing platform on the market that could print with continuous fibre filament. Consequently, In 2018 they followed this up with the Metal X, the first widely available metal FDM printer ready for manufacture.

Markforged 3D Printers
Markforged 3D Printers


3. Markforged use Eiger to create and print their 3D components. Eiger is a cloud-based slicer and printer connection which allows for printers and hardware as well as user and account management. Eiger is the most secure platform available in additive manufacturing and thus is the only platform to obtain the ISO 27001 standard.

4. All of the materials that Markforged use are developed by their own engineering and R&D sectors so they are specifically suited to Markforged software and printers. Everything is made in the north east of the United States by them and is available for purchase through our website.

Markforged Nylon White 800cm3
Makrforged Nylon White Spool

5. Markforged developed furnaces which remove the remaining plastic from the metal parts and then bonds them together. The Sinter 1 was Markforged’ s first shipped furnace which could be used in standard environments without significant extra PPE. Since then, they have moved onto the Sinter 2, which provides more throughput and usability while increasing the safety factor.

6. Markforged use of continuous fibre reinforcement allows for many different types of material combinations. In addition to this the FDM composition of these materials is actually superior to the same composition if it were to be manufactured in the traditional way.

Markforged Fiberglass CFF Spool
Markforged Fibreglass CFF Spool

7. Designing for specific 3D printers can be challenging. In order to deal with this Markforged have created their own design guide. This has all of the specific detailing required, so you can be confident in print success.


8. Markforged use their own custom materials for their 3D printers with the main one being their Markforged Onyx . This is a strong, stiff, matte black material that has 1.6x the strength of ABS. As well as two of their own variants of this Onyx FR, which is a flame retardant version. They also use Nylon White, which is a carbon free alternative to the Onyx set of products. 

Markforged Onyx and Carbon Fiber Spool Pack
Markforged Onyx and Carbon Fibre Spool Pack

9. The printers are able to print with four different fibres. Those being carbon fibre, fibreglass, high strength high temperature fibreglass and Kevlar. As a result of this a large range of components can be produced, ranging from robotic arms to welding fixtures and thermoset moulds.

Compostie Printers

10. Markforged’s desktop 3D printer range include the Onyx one, which doesn’t support their continuous fibre reinforcement. Meanwhile the Onyx Pro adds the ability to print some continuous fibres. Finally the Mark Two, which supports all materials other than OnyxFR, and all continuous fibre reinforcement.

They also have their industrial range which include new features. This includes a bigger build volume, laser bed levelling, a camera that generates a still image every five layers and exclusive materials Onyx Fr (flame retardant) and Onyx ESD (conductive).

Markforged Mark Two 3D Printer
Markforged Mark Two 3D Printer

Final thoughts

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