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Korea’s first large SLS polymer industrial 3D printer

The Sindoh S100 is the first commercial 3D printer that uses Materialise Bluesint PA12. Applying the latest Bluesint PA12 technology allows for parts to be produced entirely out of recycled polymer powder, eliminating waste entirely from SLS printing.


Build Volume:

Laser Type:

Laser Wavelength:

510 x 510 x 500 mm

2 x CO2 ; 2 x 100W


Layer Thickness:

Build Speed:

Powder Bed Temp:

0.06 ~ 0.18 mm

4.7 L/h (18mm/h)

Max. 200°C

High efficiency and output due to:

Large build volume

Variable layer thickness

Rapid build speed

Multiple material selection allows for versatile production

Parts can be be made from 100% recycled powdered polymer, making it one of the leading SLS printers in sustainability

Access to the latest materialise software

Materialise software bundles come free with every print. Access softwares such as: Magic print, Build Processor, Streamics and more.

Adopt these software’s into your work flow to allow for STL enhancements, workflow management and monitoring of the printer output.

Sindoh S100 Material Sustainability

100% Material Sustainability

The Sindoh S100 is the first commercial SLS printer to adopt Materialise Bluesint PA12 technology. But how does it work?

The Sindoh S100 has two lasers, the first laser is used to heat and bond a layer of polymer powder. The second layer then concentrates a less intense light on the layer, allowing it to cool down more gradually. The decrease in cooling time stops warpage from shrinking and creates a part with good mechanical and visual properties.

Sindoh s100 increasing output

Increase your production

The Sindoh S100 has a large build volume, dual lasers, can print a variety of materials and is easy to operate. All these element create a flexible and adaptable tool for boosting your production to the next level

Access to a Variety of Materials

The Sindohs S100 settings can be altered at ease to allow for printing with a variety of polymers, with a variety of material properties.

This allows for more flexibility in the production process

polypropylene sindoh


Polypropylene is a versatile, readily available and cost effective material to use. It is rigid, ductile and has a good chemical resistance.

Technical data sheet



PA11 has exceptional toughness, doesn’t splinter and is suitable for contact with skin.

Technical data Sheet



Thermoplastic polyurethane has a good shock absorption and energy return flexibility. It is highly elastic, a clean finish and is resistance to fatigue.

Technical data sheet



PA12 has superior mechanical properties which are FDA compliant as well as approved by food and drug administration. High chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, high impact strength and recyclable

Technical data Sheet

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