Sindohs Consumables Range


Check out the range of Sindoh filaments and consumables. All items have been specially designed for Sindoh printers, this results in better reliability and performance.

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Cost Effective, Versatile and Strong

PLA is a strong material which has a resistance to wear and impact forces. It has good layer adhesion making it easy to print with. It is also eco-friendly due to it’s bio-degradable properties

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  • Manufacturing aids
  • End use parts


Flexible and Durable

TPU is a elastomer with many beneficial mechanical properties. It is wear, chemical and weather resistant. It is flexible enough to create effective seals, however it is durable enough to be used in manufacturing environments.

Technical Datasheet coming soon


  • Seals
  • Soft touch items


Water Soluble Support Material

Use PVA, on dual nozzle printers, to create support structures for your complex designs. Create parts with intricate geometries and overhanging features by using PVA. Simply wash away the structure with water afterwards.

Technical Datasheet coming soon


  • Support Structures


Industrial USe

ABS is easy to print with and creates mechanically sound parts. Parts are created with a good surface finish and a high resistance to wear and impact forces. Use ABS for end use parts requiring good strength.

Technical Datasheet coming soon


  • End use parts
  • Jigs, tools or fixtures

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