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The American based company, Wazer, have created the first ever desktop waterjet cutter. This small unit can cut create fine cuts through aluminium over 10mm thick, and it can do all this from being powered by a standard AC power socket and a garden hose.
The unit comes with a customise stand which aids for better storage and usability. Click here if you would like to view the product without the stand.

Download Free Wazer Cheat Sheet

Wazer domestic use

Domestic Use

All you need to get going is a standard power source and a decent water source (garden hose etc.)


The Wazer can create high-quality, intricate cuts on a variety of materials and material thicknesses.


The Wazer is cheaper to purchase and maintain when compared to other CNC machines and laser cutters that can produce parts of a similar quality.

Don't be limited by your tools

Creativity can be constrained by what you can produce and what tools you have at your disposal.

With the Wazer waterjet cutter you can cut any material into intricate shapes. Design freely

Wazer Cutting intricate shapes

Safe, Personalised Production

The Wazer waterjet cutter is a self contained cutting tool, the cuts are made solely from water containing abrasive. It is safer and cheaper to operate a waterjet cutter than a laser cutter or CNC machine.

Adopting the Wazer cutter into your production process allows for quicker production. Designs can be easily modified and changed meaning you can create an on-demand production process.

Wazer easy maintanace

Easy, Low Cost Maintenance

The Wazer waterjet cutter comes with an easy to follow guide on how to setup the device. The product is only estimated to take 45 mins to setup before you can begin manufacturing.

The Wazer is powered from a standard plug socket and can be loaded from a normal household water source. The only consumable needed for this process is a low cost abrasive that is readily available.

Check out the abrasive here

The abrasive is loaded into the device from a hopper and the waste is collected in an filtration system, ready to be disposed of in any normal household bin.

Access to a Variety of Materials

The Wazer waterjet cutter is compatible with polymers, metals and ceramics.

Below is a brief outline of the materials that can be used  on the Wazer. For more information checkout the Wazer Website


Max thickness: 12.7mm

Aluminium 6061

Max thickness: 12.7mm

Boro Glass

Max thickness: 15.88mm

Tool Steel

Max thickness: 4.06mm

Low Carbon Steel

Max thickness: 6.35mm

Stainless Steel

Max thickness: 3.05mm


Max thickness: 12.7mm


Max thickness: 12.7mm

Carbon Fibre

Max thickness: 4.78mm



WAZER Main Unit Size: 856 x 648 x 551 mm

Wazer main unit empty weight:  50 kg

Wazer main unit loaded weight:  180 kg

Pump size box: 533 x 355 x 280 mm

Pump box weight:42 kg

Cutting area:  305 x 460 mm

Compatible files: .dxf, .svg

Noise Emission:74+ / -3dB

Abrasive Type: Garnet 80 Mesh (If Barton Alltech HPA 80 is not available, please contact WAZER customer support for more information before using alternative brand)




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