Figure 4 Tough 60C White 1kg

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The Figure 4 Tough 60C White is a versatile production-grade black material with incredible impact elongation, strength, and tensile strength. It provides long term environmental stability with an injection molded-like surface quality. This material is recommended for high mechanical load-bearing batch production medical parts that remain functional and stable for years.



  • Clinical trials and medical devices such as tools, handles, and small plastic parts
  • Load-bearing parts such as handles, cranks, knobs, and levers
  • Structural parts like brackets, snap-fits, and custom fasteners
  • Small parts requiring detail and accuracy in consumer products, wearable devices, and general use
  • Functional prototyping and biocompatible end-user parts




  • Long-term use parts for indoor and outdoor applications
  • No secondary thermal cure required
  • Clean, long-lasting bright white colour
  • Excellent surface quality, accuracy & repeatability
  • Autoclavable




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