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Bambu Lab High Temperature Plate (Smooth PEI)

Bambu Lab High Temperature Plate (PEI)

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The Bambu Lab High Temperature Plate (Smooth PEI) is intended to serve as a replacement sheet for your High-Temperature Plate. This sheet has an adhesive side that makes it simple to attach and adhere to the plate surface.

Bambu Lab High Temperature Plate (Smooth PEI)


Bambu Lab High Temperature Plate (Smooth PEI) Feature



High Temperature Plate (Smooth PEI)


One side: High Temperature Sheet + Engineering Plate
The other side: Engineering Plate


Bambu Lab High Temperature and Engineering Plate (Smooth PEI)


Bambu Lab High Temperature Plate Smooth surface


  • Ideal for the majority of 3D printing filaments
  • Works well with the Automatic Calibration for Flow rate and doesn’t obstruct the LIDAR
  • The print’s surface has a smooth texture
  • Exceptional adherence and simple print removal
  • Replaceable by the user


  • Possibly more fragile than PEI Textured Plate or Engineering Plate
  • Cannot be used unless the printing surface is heated.
  • For filaments with a low glass transition temperature, the upper glass cover plate or the front glass door must be opened.


Bambu Lab High Temperature Plate (Smooth PEI) Intallationsteps



  • Please note that other slicer settings might need to be adjusted based on the printed model and the filament requirements

Step 1: The plate should be positioned such that its name is facing you and it is in line with the platform’s fixed points.

Step 2: Lower and secure the plate to the magnetic platform



    • A few small tweaks have been made to the Engineering Plate’s colour and lustre as well as the removal of exposed metal regions in order to improve the production process and surface quality. When the nozzle is cleaned, if the coating is still on it, it will be heated and dissolved before the model is printed. Lidar, adhesion, levelling, or the usable range are unaffected by such adjustments. You may purchase with confidence!


    • To completely remove any remaining material at the nozzle tip before auto-leveling, it is necessary to repeatedly rub the nozzle in the designated wiping region of the build plate. Over time, the coating in the specially designed wiping area will progressively deteriorate. There is no need to be concerned about any quality issues because this is common and has no effect on print quality or nozzle lifetime.


    • Bambu Lab advises against using any glue other than official Bambu Lab glue on the Cool Plate and disclaims all liability for any damage to plates resulting from the use of non-official glue on build plates.


    • To prevent poor adhesion, regularly wipe the print surface with hot water and dish soap to remove any dust or oil buildup. Although IPA can be effective, washing the plate is the best way to clean it for the optimum results.


    • Never remove printed models before waiting a few minutes for the plate to cool down and become easier to remove prints from. This guards against plate damage and guarantees a long product lifespan.


    • The High-temp smooth PEI plate is a consumable component that will deteriorate with time. Only manufacturing flaws, not superficial flaws like scratches, dents, or cracks, are covered by the guarantee. The warranty only applies to sheets that are broken when they arrive.


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