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Formlabs Fuse Sift


£8,299.00 ex. VAT | £9,958.80 inc. VAT

5 Available

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The Formlabs Fuse Sift is used as part of the post-processing stage of the SLS process. Designed to be easy-to-use, the Sifts modular design simplifies the process of using the build chamber for part extraction, powder reclamation and refilling.
No other SLS system on the market provides the same level of functionality from one machine. A negative air pressure system keeps the powder within the Sift keeping your workspace clean and tidy.

Fuse Sift – Post Processing

The Fuse Sift powder recovery station completing your workflow. Recycle powder, extract and clean your parts all within a dust-free easy to use system.

Formlabs Fuse Sift
£2,549.00 ex. VAT | £3,058.80 inc. VAT
For cleaning the Fuse 1 and Fuse Sift after use.
Build Chamber
Build Chamber
£2,999.00 ex. VAT | £3,598.80 inc. VAT
Insert the build chamber with prints ready to be ejected.
£129.00 ex. VAT | £154.80 inc. VAT
For mixing powder cartridges after filling.
Powder Cartridge
Powder Cartridge
£129.00 ex. VAT | £154.80 inc. VAT
For storing and filling the powder cartridge.

Fuse Sift - Sifting process

Reuse your old powder

Recycle up to 70% of used powder, this process happens during part extraction where reusable powder will fall through the sieve into the powder cartridge loaded below.

Use the powder cartridge to automatically mix your new and recycled powder together ready for printing. Attach the powder cartridge onto the Fuse Sift, this mixing process allows previous powder to be reused in the process.

Fuse 1 and Sift Work area

Prepare your workspace

Fuse 1: 149.5 × 125.5 × 187.0 cm 

The Fuse 1 footprint is 68.5 × 64.5 × 107.0 cm  165.5 cm with stand. Leave at least 20.0 cm to the left of the printer and 61.0 cm to the front and right of the printer for access and place at least 20.0 cm from nearby walls.

Fuse Sift: 221.1 × 122.0 × 218.0 cm

The Fuse Sift footprint is 99.1 × 61.0 × 188.8 cm Leave at least 61 cm to the left, front, and right of the unit for access. Again place the Fuse Sift at least 20.0 cm from any nearby walls.

Don’t overlap with the Fuse 1 access footprint by more than 30.5 cm.

Fuse 1 Build Chamber - Fuse 1 consumables

Build Chamber

A key component of the process, the build chamber contains the powder of the material you are printing with keeping the sintered and unsintered parts contained during printing.

After the job is complete seamlessly transfer the build chamber to the sift were you can begin part extraction. Having a spare build chamber allows you to run a new job straight after the previous job boosting efficiency and reducing lead times. Get you additional build chamber here.

where to buy the formlabs fuse 1 online

Powder Cartridge

Load the powder cartridge with your printing powder in the Fuse Sift before adding it into the Fuse 1 hopper. We recommend having two of these to improve efficiency and reducing lead times. Get your additional powder cartridge here.

Fuse Sift Part recovery

Safety Features

The Fuse Sift has various filters and has been designed with safety in mind. The Fuse Sift has a HEPA filter keeping your workspace safe of any dust, spare filters can be purchased here.

Industrial vacuums can also be added to help with ventilation, this is not required however is recommended to keep your working environment safe and clean. Industrial vacuums compatible with the Fuse Sift can be purchased here.



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