Formlabs Fuse Blast


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     Key Benefits
  •       – Tumbling Automation for Hands-Free Powder Removal
  •       – Clean Parts in a Clean Workshop
  •       – Quick De-Cake Passive Media Separation
  •       – Pre-Set Routines and Modifiable Settings
  •       – Hands-On Attention to Detail Options
  •       – Compact, neat, and quiet operation
  •       – Professional Parts with Optional Polishing

Only Takes 15 Minutes to Go from Print to a Professional Final Product

The Formlabs Fuse Blast automates the post-processing of SLS parts, allowing users to dedicate more time to higher-value jobs. Reducing post-processing time also provides opportunity to scale production and boost Fuse Series output without hiring more workers.



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Rapid Quality Finish


With Fuse Blast, you can completely clear an entire build chamber of printed parts in only thirty minutes, significantly cutting down on labour costs and time. It also integrates easily with the Fuse Series environment and optimises your post-processing workflow. Fuse Blast elevates your components to a professional-grade finish every time by polishing them to a smooth, semi-gloss, and dye-ready surface finish with the optional Polishing System.

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SLS Improvements


With the most recent software updates, you can produce better components more quickly. Nylon 12 now has improved mechanical qualities, and pre-print and print speeds are faster.



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