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The Form Wash is an automated cleaner for the parts produced on Formlabs 3D printers which is engineered to clean parts in less time and save the manual cleaning process. Simply just put the parts in IPA contained within the Form Wash, set an appropriate time, and let form wash do its work. It is an innovative machine and 9/10 Formlabs customers use the Form Wash and Form Cure.

Time saver:

The Formlabs Form Wash automates the cleaning of resin residue from your 3D Printed parts. You just have to set the correct time and then you are free to do whatever you want to do in a meanwhile. The Form Wash will automatically open & remove your part from the IPA at the set time.


The Form Wash is a highly reliable product with excellent performance. The build platform travels directly into form wash and clean the printer?s parts thoroughly. It helps to go glove-free and helps to keep the parts directly on the build platform. With its ability to automate washing parts, that eliminates the regular manual washing process.


The Form Wash contains Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) around your printed parts that stir up 90% cleaning them completely. When all the washing part is completed form wash automatically lift the parts out of the IPA to avoid over-drenching and prints warping. The form wash tank can hold 8.6 litres of IPA, which is large enough to wash 70 prints.

Other Qualities of the Formlabs Form Wash:

Form wash includes a hydrometer which tells when to change the IPA by routinely testing it. A siphon pump is also available to quickly transfer the IPA to wash bucket when it?s necessary. Along with a wash bucket, there is a place to keep the finishing tools neat.



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