Flux Hybrid Diode Laser


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This is an easy to install add-on for the FLUX Beamo.

With this add on you’ll be able to engrave on metal and metal like materials with ease.


  • Laser Specs 5 W
  • Dimensions 42.8mm x 53.45mm x 80mm
  • Weight 270 g
  • Work Area After installation, the diode laser work area is 230mm x 200 mm, The CO2 Laser work area will be reduced to 250mm x 200 mm

What's Included

  • 1x Diode Laser Module
  • 1x Focus Block
  • 1x Orange acrylic lid
  • 1x Black sticker (to cover up the screws of the orange lid)
  • 1x Module Alignment Plate (for non-autofocus users)


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