Kimya ABS Kevlar Filament – 2.85mm – 500g – Black


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Kimya ABS Kevlar Black | 2.85 | 500g

Kimya ABS Kevlar Black

The 3D filament Kimya ABS Kevlar belongs to the styrenic polymer family. Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene-Kevlar (ABS Kevlar) is a mixture of ABS and aramid fibers. It offers superior properties to a standard ABS. It offers the printed parts a higher level of resistance to abrasion and impact. It must be stored in dry conditions at ambient temperature for optimum conservation and utilization. It is used for finished parts and tools. The 3D filament Kimya ABS Kevlar has the following properties:


  • No shrinkage
  • Low wrapping
  • Smooth surface
  • Light weight objects




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