Bambu Lab TPU 95A Filament

Bambu Lab PU 95A Filament

£32.49 ex. VAT


Bambu Lab TPU 95A Filament


Product details:

– Reliable, Flexible, and Soft
– Outstanding Layer Adhesion
– Low Tendency for Warping
– AMS Compatible
– Includes High Temperature Reusable Spool
– Dimensions: 1.75mm plus or minus 0.03mm

Cautionary Notes:

– Allow to Dry Before Use

Bambu Lab TPU 95A Filament


Printing Tips:

• Before printing, TPU needs to be properly dried; the suggested drying temperatures are 70 °C for 8 hours in a blast dryer or 90 °C for 12 hours on a printer’s heatbed.


Technical Data Sheet



Bambu lab eco friendly filament


RFID for Intelligent Printing

The AMS (Automatic Material System) can read the RFID that contains all printing parameters.

Print after loading with no more laborious setting procedures.


Bambu lab RFID Intelligent Printing




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