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Mayku Multiplier Pressure Former

Mayku Multiplier

£5,499.00 ex. VAT


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Mayku Multiplier desktop pressure former – rapidly produce ultra precise moulds and final parts. Industrial power that allows you to scale at high speed and take full control.

  • – Produce high-quality injection mould
  • – Sub-micron replication of 3D printing
  • – Utilise industrial materials between 0.5mm to 5mm thickness
  • – Easy to assemble and use
  • – Replicate 3D printed parts in minutes

Mayku Multiplier Pressure Former achieves sub-micron levels of precision, ensuring that every component you manufacture meets your specifications.


Mayku multiplier - Pressure forming performance _03

Pressure Forming Performance


  • Replicate complex structures at the sub-micron scale for flawlessly manufactured parts.
  • No delamination, no layering. Strong, isotropic parts produced from the desktop.
  • Create the parts you require by working with a variety of materials that are up to industrial standards.


Downloadable Guide


Mayku Reducing plate


Integrate with Reducing Plate


The Reducing Plate seamlessly integrates with the Mayku Multiplier, shrinking the Multiplier’s forming area down to A4 or US letter format, opening the door to hundreds of international sheet suppliers who offer straight-cut sheets, allowing for the use of both thicker and thinner materials while also minimising waste.



Mayku multiplier specification sheet


Measurement (L*W*H) 585 x 515 x 420mm

Forming bed (L*W*H)400 x 400 x 160mm

Weight:  68kg (boxed)

Forming pressure:  60 psi / 4 bar

Maximum temperature:  440°F / 225°C

Forming area:  15″ / 380mm

Draw height:  6.5″ / 160mm

Resolution: <1µm


All skill levels may operate it with ease


The Multiplier Pressure Former has an intuitive user interface that is created to be simple to use right out of the box. The interface is designed to help users optimise machine performance, resulting in repeatable and reliable results. It is appropriate for people of any background and skill levels, and our knowledgeable technical engineers are always available to help with any unique projects.

Mayku-Multiplier_High Quality-Moulds

Ultra-precision industrial heat and pressure


Utilise both thick and thin materials, one can obtain elaborate designs and sub-micron details. Produce components that accurately reflect the sub-micron details of your template’s surface finish. Make isotropic components to guarantee both aesthetic coherence and structural integrity.

Mayku multiplier - Precision control for unrivalled forming quality

Precision control for unrivalled forming quality


The auto-levelling feature of the Mayku Multiplier provides a steady and uniform material surface while heating. The materials can attain their forming temperature with the method without being stretched or deformed since it provides for exact temperature control. As sheets may be safely heated to higher temperatures than any other thermoformer for more precise formation, this enables increased part definition. The end result is a precise and dependable thermoforming method that may be used for many different purposes.

mayku multiplier _ Tuned according to your material

Tuned according to your material


For any compatible thermoformable material, you may create, save, and modify custom forming profiles using our user-friendly interface. This enables you to use your own materials to get consistent, high-quality outcomes. Temperature and pressure can be accurately controlled, enabling you to change the level of detail to get the finish you want.

mayku multiplier - Scalable prototyping and manufacturing

Scalable prototyping and manufacturing


Cycle times vary between two to thirty minutes, depending on the material. The forming cycle remains constant regardless of how large or how many templates you place on the bed, providing you consistent time-per-part manufacturing.

Mayku multiplier - Streamline your in-house workflow

Streamline your in-house workflow


The Multiplier pressure former is made to fit on your benchtop so that it is always accessible and available for use when you need it. Take charge of the prototype and production process yourself to avoid the delays and ambiguities caused by outsourcing. Accelerate your learning curve, iterate more quickly, and hasten the transition from concept to production.

Mayku multiplier - Consistency and accuracy throughout each cycle

Consistency and accuracy throughout each cycle


Mayku Multiplier was designed for constant performance, ensures great repeatability and replicability each time you operate it. You can rely on uniformity in each part produced, whether you’re producing one part or several batches.



A sample part can be a great way to decide if it is right for you.


Request Free Sample


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