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Formlabs Rigid 4k Resin | 1L


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Formlabs 4k Rigid Resin

Glass-filled 4k Rigid Resin prints with a smooth, polished finish and is ideal for stiff and strong parts that can withstand minimal deflection. Consider Rigid 4k Resin for general load-bearing applications.
Resin Tank LT (Form 2) or Resin Tank V.2 (Form 3) are required for printing with Rigid 10k Resin.
Click here to view the Formlabs Rigid 4k Resin Datasheet

Rigid 4k resin, SLA, Formlabs

Very Stiff Material

Rigid 4k Resin has a tensile modulus of 4.1GPa and a low elongation rate. The materials ability to keep an uniform shape while under a lot of stress makes it ideal for high precision and high performance components.

Tensile Strength

Rigid 4k Resin has a tensile strength of 75 MPA, it has a higher tensile strength than any of the other resins in the Formlabs standard range. It is also stronger than the Rigid 10k Resin.

Rigid 4k resin, SLA, Formlabs

Resistant to Heat and Chemicals

With a 88 °C  @ 0.45 MPa heat deflection temperature, you can be assured that parts produced with Rigid 4000 Resin are resistant to heat. As well as this, the Rigid 4k Resin is very resistant to chemical attack making it suitable for use outdoors, with food or even with hazardous materials

Smooth Surface Finish

Using Rigid 4k Resin produces accurate components which will meet your design tolerances. Rigid 4k Resin also produces parts with a smooth finish, giving any design a visually pleasing aesthetic.

Rigid 4k resin, SLA, Formlabs

Why Chose Rigid 4k over Rigid 10k

Rigid 4k Resin is less brittle than it’s sister resin, Rigid 10k. Parts made with Rigid 4k Resin are less likely to suddenly fracture, the part will elongate and fail slowly. As well as this, Rigid 4k has a higher ultimate tensile strength than Rigid 10k.


Rigid 4k Resin is commonly used for: Mounts and brackets, Thin walled parts, Jigs and fixtures.

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