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Bambu Lab PAHT-CF Filament

Bambu Lab PAHT-CF Filament

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Discover Bambu Lab’s PAHT-CF Filament – A high-performance, carbon fibre-infused material designed for exceptional strength and durability in 3D printing. Elevate your projects with precision and reliability.

Bambu Lab PAHT-CF Filament


Bambu Lab PAHT-CF is a carbon fibre and PA12 composite. It offers good mechanical and thermal properties that can be maintained well even when the prints become wet since it inherits the benefits of minimal water absorption from PA12 and high-performance carbon fibre. Bambu Lab PAHT-CF is perfect for producing engineering parts such as functional prototypes, machining fixtures, injection moulds, jigs, and low-volume production parts due to its higher Z adhesion layers and flexibility.


Bambu Lab PAHT-CF Filament - Reduced Water Absorption

Reduced Water Absorption


Compared to standard PA-CF, its water absorption rate is 50% lower. Bambu Lab PAHT-CF maintains excellent mechanical properties and dimensional stability even when exposed to high humidity

Bambu Lab PAHT-CF Filament - Exceptional Z-bonding

Exceptional Z-bonding


Compared to regular PA-CF, Bambu Lab PAHT-CF exhibits substantially higher adhesion in Z layers. Giving it the capacity to bear intense pressure or impact without breaking or changing shape.

Bambu Lab PAHT-CF Filament - 2

Exceptional Tensile Strength


When great durability and toughness are required, Bambu Lab PAHT-CF is created to meet those needs in a variety of engineering and industrial applications.

High temperature resistance

High-Temperature Resistance


Bambu Lab PAHT-CF is suitable in situations where printed parts may be exposed to high temperatures without deforming or losing their strength because its heat deflection temperature can reach 194°C (0.45MPa)*.

*The model’s internal structure and application situation have an impact on the model’s long-term temperature resistance.



RFID for Intelligent Printing

The AMS (Automatic Material System) can read the RFID that contains all printing parameters.

Print after loading with no more laborious setting procedures.

Bambu lab RFID Intelligent Printing



Product Details:

– Reduced Moisture Absorption
– Superior Mechanical Properties and Layer Adhesion
– Exceptional Tensile Strength
– AMS Compatible
– Includes High Temperature Reusable Spool
– Dimensions: 1.75mm plus or minus 0.03mm

Cautionary Notes:

– Allow to dry before use
– Not Compatible with 0.2 mm Nozzle
– Enclosure Printer is Required


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