Formlabs Fuse 1 Powder Cartridge


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Formlabs Power Cartridge is used to store, transport and recycle SLS printing material. Purchase a spare cartridge to improve efficiency The Fuse 1 requires a powder cartridge to load material which is dispensed from the Fuse Sift. The cartridge also is used to mix the powder combining fresh and used powder.

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Load and unload your powder

The powder cartridge is require to load powder into the Fuse 1 via the hopper. The cartridge has been designed to move between the Fuse Sift to the Fuse 1 with ease. Simply load and mix your powder in the Fuse Sift and dispense into the Fuse 1 to start printing.

Fuse 1 Powder cartridge reusing used powder

Reuse your old powder

The powder cartridge attaches onto the Fuse Sift once loaded with powder and mixes the powder to prepare it for loading into the Sift. This mixing process allows previous powder to be reused in the process.



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