Formlabs Nylon 12 Glass Filled Powder 6kg


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A glass filled powder material with enhanced stiffness and heat resistance to endure demanding manufacturing conditions. Ideal for applications where structural rigidity and thermal stability are critical.

Printer Compatibility – Formlabs Fuse 1


Glass filled specifications-13

Why Choose Nylon 12 Glass filled Power?

  • High Stiffness – Produce end use parts that require sustained loading endurance
  • Dimensional Accuracy – High precision material with low warpage
  • Environmental Stability – Nylon 12 Glass-filled prints absorb very minimal moisture and are resistant to heat, chemicals and light
  • Thermal Resistance – Prints remain dimensionally stable at high temperatures



Nylon 12 Glass filled powder is a high performance alternative to create functional validation prototypes for stable end-use parts or composite materials that will endure potentially demanding conditions.

  • Small batch equipment and enclosures
  • Parts undergoing sustained loading
  • High temperature applications
  • Robust jigs, replacements parts and fixtures


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