Formlabs Colour Kit Pigments


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Use the colour kit to to achieve quality prints, in a variety of colours, without the manual work of finishing and painting.
Compatible with Form 2, 3 and 3B
Click here for the Formlabs Colour Kit Datasheet.

Colour Kit colour range 2

No Finishing, Panting or Sanding

Achieve a professional, glossy surface finish in any colour of your choice. 3D printed parts are produced to a quality suitable for end use.

Easy to Use

The colour Kit comes with a syringe. Simply exact the volume of pigment you want, add it to the colour base and shake well to ensure the pigment is thoroughly mixed in. There are no complications, no settings to be changed on the printer and no new tooling required.

Colour Kit colour range

Any Colour

The colour Kit comes with 5 colour pigments. Combine these pigments together to get any colour you want.

Need help with the ratio of pigments? Check out Formlabs guide to get the colour you want

Same Properties as Standard Resins

The Colour Base is very similar to a Grey, Black or White Standard Resin. The Colour Base can print at 25, 50 or 100 micron layer height, the material has a good surface finish, its resistant to chemicals and it is strong.

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