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peel 3d – Peel 2 CAD

peel 3d

£4,500.00 ex. VAT | £5,400.00 inc. VAT

Sold Out - Typically back within 1-2 weeks

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Peel 2 3d scanner CAD is an easy-to-use and fully integrated 3D Scanning solution that enables you to extract all the information you need from your 3D scans and send them right to your preferred CAD software.


Peel 2 CAD Description

Are you looking for a professional-grade handheld scanner without breaking the bank? Are you spending too much time or struggling with processing your scan files to export them into your CAD software?

Then it’s time to say hello to Peel 2 CAD

An easy-to-use and fully integrated solution that enables you to extract all the information you need from your 3D scans and send them right to your preferred CAD software. You can directly scan objects of many sizes and surfaces—without any prep work—as the scanner recognises shapes automatically. This 3D Scanner also comes with a calibration certificate so that you gain peace of mind knowing you are not sacrificing on performance.

Peel 2 CAD Key features

• All the tools you need to process geometric entities, surfaces, cross sections, etc.)
• Impressive accuracy of up to 0.100 mm (0.004 in) and volumetric accuracy 0.300 mm/m (0.0036 in/ft)
• Export in a variety of output format, including .iges, .step and .dxf
• Compatible with a bunch of CAD software, like SOLIDWORKS®, Inventor®, PTC and more!

For more information on 3D Scanners from Solid Print3D please see our Guide to 3D Scanners for engineers.


Part size range:  0.3 – 3.0 m

Accuracy:  Up to 0.100 mm

Mesh resolution:  0.500 mm

Measurement rate:  550,000 measurements/s

Volumetric accuracy:  0.300 mm/m

Scanning area:  380 x 380 mm

Stand-off distance:  400 mm

Depth of field:  250 mm

Light source:  White light (LED)

Texture resolution:  50 to 150 DPI

Positioning methods:  Geometry and/or targets and/or texture

Dimensions:  150 x 171 x 251 mm

Weight:  950 g

Connection standard:  1 x USB 2.0

Output formats:  .dae, .fbx, .ma, .obj, .ply, .stl, .txt, .wrl, .x3d, .x3dz, .zpr

Operation temp range:  5-40 C

Operating humidity range:  10 – 90%

What's Included

  • Peel 2 3D scanner in cardboard case – (Includes foam insert)
  • 18v auto-switching power supply with international plug adaptors
  • Calibration plate
  • 4m USB/power cable
  • Qty 2 x 500 targets
  • USB software key
  • Quick start guide
  • Colour Option
  • Peel 3D CAD Software
  • Unlimited license and lifetime Software upgrades
  • 1st year warranty which includes: repair, parts & labour, outbound shipping from Peel 3D’s Customer Support Center back to your location after repair.

What Is The Peel 2 3D Scanner?

Here at Solid Print3D, the Peel 2 3D scanner is one of the most popular brands when it comes to scan-to-CAD systems. It is handheld and uses a white light-based system. While it may not be the fanciest 3D scanner on the market, it does have its own host of benefits.


Setting Up The Peel 2 3D Scanner

One huge advantage that makes this Peel 2 3D scanner a bestseller here at Solid Print3D – aside from its performance – is its ease of setup. It’s just a matter of installing the software required and connecting the device via a USB port. Obviously, the scanner needs an external power supply while you’re using it; which means that if you plan on using it other than in your office, you’ll have to make arrangements to have a power source handy.

Once the device has been set up, the first thing to do is to calibrate the scanner. Calibration is a critical step, not just in the setup process but throughout the lifetime of your scanner. It allows your scanner to capture the model as accurately as possible, which is why you should do this as regularly as possible, if not with every use.


The Scanning Process

Peel 2 3D scanners use a visible white light to project a pattern of the object you want to scan. Then, two cameras derive the position of every pixel required to build the CAD counterpart. Because this process happens in real time, you’ll see the image appearing on screen bit by bit.

As the Peel 2 CAD scanner tracks the object, it looks at three different factors to allow it to do its job with precision.

First, it looks at targets to help the system track the movement properly. These targets are small reflective dots that are attached to the object to be scanned. The second and third factors work hand in hand – texture and geometry.

Scanning objects that are textured is relatively easy. You could run into some issues, however, if you’re trying to scan extremely dark objects, because these absorb the white light that’s supposed to set the pattern. The same problem occurs with objects that have reflective surfaces.

In these cases, you need to use methods to reduce the object’s reflectivity. Using powder on the surface can help. Another option is to use a fault-finding spray to attempt a more accurate scan.

Once the scans are complete, the post-processing can start. The Peel 2 scanner software allows you to carry out smoothing, mesh editing, facet editing, spike removal and hole filling, among other features.

The Peel 2 3D scanner may not be the most impressive scanner on the market, but it isn’t low-quality, either. It’s perfect if you’re just looking for something that’s flexible and easy to use.

If you have more questions about our offers on Peel 2 3D scanners in the UK, you can call Solid Print3D at 01926 333 777 or send us an email to




What do you need to run a Peel 3D scanner?

For this handheld 3D scanning device, you need a computer and a USB connector. The scanner is connected to the desktop/ laptop with a USB cable. Make sure your desktop/ laptop’s hardware and software are powerful enough to run and sustain the scanner. A pc with the latest specs is ideal.


What are the benefits of Peel 3D scanner?

With a Peel 2 3D export CAD, you can:

  • Scan multiple items directly, because it recognises shapes and parts automatically.
  • Scan the object, edit the result and export the file without hassle because of its easy-to-use system.
  • Use it for any application, because it works on various dimensions and materials, even on the flattest and smoothest ones.


What is the difference between Peel 3D scanner and Peel 2?

The significant distinction between the two is the number of cameras they have. The CAD software 3D scanner has three cameras which can capture colours (textures) while the other scanner has only one and cannot capture colours. Moreover, Peel 2 has a 0.250 resolution, higher than the earlier model’s 0.500 resolution.


How does the Peel 2 3D scanner work?

  1. can the object – When using your Peel 2 scanner, you’ll see the result on your computer in real-time, enabling you to spot anything that’s been missed.
  2. Make edits – You can clean up, align, or improve the result and add in essential details.
  3. Export the file – You can use the result in other software like CAD.


What objects are applicable for the Peel 2 3D scanner?

You can apply the white light laser-based 3D scanner to various surfaces and materials, such as metals, plastics, fabrics, leathers, sculptures, ceramic, porcelain and even the human form. However, some objects can be challenging to scan; for instance, glossy, pitch black or mirrored items, objects smaller than 30cm, thin walls or structures, and hair or fur.


Peel 2 Affordable Colour Laser Scanner Released

Peel 3D 2 is a breakthrough in 3D scanners for various industries. Potential users are sure to appreciate this scanner which produces high definition results in their original colours.

This portable colour 3D scanner range has three cameras that enable it to accurately scan an object and capture colours, unlike the predecessor from Peel. This ensures better detailing at higher resolutions. The scanner also comes with software that has more tools and functionalities for users to edit the result and come up with a better end product.


The Peel 2 Handheld 3D Scanner

The Peel 2 3D scanner is lightweight and so can easily be used as a handheld tool. This makes scanning any object simple. Unlike its previous model, this device has three cameras, offering a more detailed and precise result. Three cameras also means this professional handheld 3D scanner can capture the original colour of the object, which is a significant improvement on the first scanner from Peel.


Affordable and Effective Peel 2 3D Scanning

Peel 2 packs a lot of punch for the money. According to Peel 2 3D scanner review pages, this affordable device costs £5,900, which includes calibration plate, positioning targets, a power supply, and a USB stick containing the manual and software installer. The scanner is easy to use because it’s lightweight, allowing you to scan an object without ending up with an aching arm.

The Peel2CAD is easy to set up, a cinch to use and produces great results for the money. Buy your affordable and accurate Peel 2 3D now from our online shop today.


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