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Leica BLK360 3D Scanner


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The Leica BLK360 is a light and compact 3D imaging laser scanner. Capture your environment in full-colour panoramic images and create a highly accurate point cloud. Leica Cyclone FIELD 360 generates a real-time view of your scanned data to allow you to check your data onsite. Find out more about the Lecia BLK360 below.

The Smallest and Lightest Laser Scanner on the Market

Using a 360° laser distance meter and high definition panoramic imaging, creating a 3D scanned point cloud of its surrounding environment.
Capture environments in full colour with the Leica BLK360

Simple and Reliable

The BLK360 captures a full scan with the push of a button. Control and view your scans captured in real-time using Cyclone on a mobile device. Scans created on the same site can be automatically combined onsite within the app.

Scan in Colour

Capture indoor or outdoor environments in full colour, with three HDR panoramic cameras able to capture the full 360° feild of view. Within Cyclone select between full colour or grayscale scanning modes. The BLK360 can caputre a full colour scan in under 2 minutes.

Create Floor plans from accurate laser scanned data with the Leica BLK360

Scan a Range of Environments

The ultra portable BLK360 enables fast and accurate scanning of construction sites, complex structures, interiors and production facilities. The BLK360 is able to generate accurate floor plans from scanned data allowing you to record measurements or Geotag area of the scans to refer back to later.

The BLK360 uses integrated wireless LAN to connect to your tablet onsite, -providing a live view of your environment and scanned data.

Leica BLK360 Room scan


The BLK360 is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. With a 360° (horizontal) by 300° (Vertical) feild of view the Lecia has a scanning range of up to 60m allowing you to scan large environments with the push of a button. The BLK360 has 3 resolution settings depending on the amount of detail required and if the image requires colour. The accuracy ranges from 4mm at at a distance of 10m to 7mm at a distance of 20m.


Specification Sheet

Leica BLK360 IR Camera

Thermal Imaging

The BLK360 has a built in longwave infrared camera allowing you to capture thermal heatmaps of buildings or environments, with a feild of view of 360° x 70° for thermal imaging. Add Geotags onto you scans via the app to record notes directly on areas of the scan to help improve workflow and tag areas of the scan to refer back to later.

Automatically mesh Scans together with Cyclone

Automatic Merging

Capture your point cloud data and let Cyclone merge each scan automatically. Use different view modes to check your point cloud data as soon as it has been captured allowing you to view your scans at different angles. Achieve 3D point accuracy of 6mm at 10m to 8mm at 20m.

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