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Roboze Plus PRO

Roboze Plus PRO

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Results-oriented production: With the Roboze Plus PRO, production becomes stronger, faster and less expensive. Offer quick and cost-effective access to the production of parts with well-defined technical and industrial requirements.

This professional 3D Printer uses proprietary software, Prometheus, and new materials to increase digital transition opportunities.

Productivity, quality, versatility and rapid ROI acceleration represent the common factors of the professional series of Roboze 3D Printers.



Roboze Professional Series Overview Video



The Roboze PRO series consists of two solutions: One PRO and Plus PRO.
Results-oriented production: With the Roboze PRO series, production becomes stronger, faster and less expensive.




Custom 3D printing and scalability for different sectors


In-house design-test-modification cycle for the production of competitive electrical components.

Produce your ultra-detailed parts from materials that match your technical requirements with the most repeatable and scalable 3D printing technology in the industry.


Support for industrial production lines


Professional 3D printer which makes your industrial production safe, fast and standardized, getting tools and equipment in half the time compared to other solutions on the market.

The high dimensional accuracy of the parts, given by the technological ecosystem created, ensures quality, accuracy and repeatability of the equipment over time.


Increase your efficiency and competitiveness


Roboze’s specialisation in Metal Replacement and 3D Printing is a valuable tool for integrating traditional production, producing small customised batches, digitalising the warehouse and reducing costs and delivery times of finished products.

Productivity, quality, versatility and rapid ROI acceleration represent the common factors of the Roboze PRO series.



System Size:  (X) 790 x (Y) 690 x (Z) 1910 mm

Print bed: (X) 300 x (Y) 250 x (Z) 220 mm

Precision: 15 μm / 0.59 mil

System weight:  300 Kg / 660 lb

Materials:  PEEK, Carbon PEEK, Carbon PA PRO, PEKK, ToolingX CF, PP, Flex-TPU, FUNCTIONAL-NYLON, Strong-ABS, ULTRA-PLA


Ultra-detailed PEEK, Carbon PEEK and ToolingX CF components


Maximum flexibility when it comes to super polymers and composites!

The strong specialisation of Roboze and the new UltraQUALITY Prometheus 3D printing profile, today allows you to obtain functional parts with an unmatched print quality.


High performance materials


The PRO series widens the application opportunities thanks to the new Roboze PEKK and ToolingX CF materials.

Roboze Plus PRO is the most complete 3D printing professional solution designed to increase the value creation of your company and generate new competitive advantages.


Prototypes and equipment in half the time


The UltraFAST Prometheus profile implemented for Carbon PA, composite with carbon fibre, and ULTRA-PLA, special PLA to support the concept validation phase, doubles the printing speed of these parts compared to other similar solutions in the market.



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