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Raise3D Pro3 Plus 3D Printer


£5,899.00 ex. VAT | £7,078.80 inc. VAT

Sold Out - Typically back within 1-2 weeks

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The Raise3D Pro3 Plus is part of the Pro 3 series. The Pro3 Plus is an updated version of the Raise3D Pro 2 which has had several modifications and improvements. Both models in the Raise3D pro series (Pro3 & Pro3 Plus) ensure a robust, all-metal construction that prepares for smooth and precise movement when 3D printing.


Dual Extruder:

The Raised 3D Pro3 has been developed with an advanced double extrusion system with retractable heads. The retractable head system raises the inactive head 1.5 mm in under 1 second, ensuring a flawless finish on 3D printed parts. This system solves the recurring problem with solid dual extrusion systems where filament residue is often deposited or marks the printed part with the head that is not in use.

The dual extrusion system and retractable printheads make it possible to print models in two colours or materials and print parts with complex geometries using one build material/one support filament.

Compatibility with technical materials:

The Raise3D Pro3 enables users to get the most out of a large FDM 3D Printing material library including technical materials. This is very useful for professional use.

Raise3D Pro 3 supports conventional materials such as:

  • PLA
  • ABS
  • ASA
  • Special PLA
  • Special ABS
  • Nylon
  • Copolyester
  • Support material
  • Materials with carbon fibre or glass fibre reinforcement such as Nylon-Carbon Fiber CF15, XSTRAND GF30-PA6, XSTRAND GF30-PP, or XSTRAND GF30-PC.

The Raise3D Pro3 allows the use of nozzles with different diameters (0.2 – 0.4- 0.6 – 0.8 – 1.0mm) and different materials (brass and stainless steel), enabling the user to adapt the material to optimise results.

A wide range of high quality filaments are offered by Raise3D that have been tested with all its 3D printers to find the right parameters to optimize each material. Users of Raise3D 3D printers can still use third-party materials and they offer a list of these materials that have been tested with outstanding results and offer the user recommended printing parameters for these materials.

Build Volume

Raise3D Pro3 has a print volume of 300 x 300 x 300 mm and the print volume of Raise3D Pro3 Plus is 300x 300 x 605 mm.

Improved airflow system:

In comparison to the previous model, the Pro3 has an optimised and improved airflow system to improve air circulation and heat dissipation, creating a stable printing chamber.

Ease of use:

To make the 3D Printing process faster and easier, the Raise3D Pro3 has features specifically designed to significantly reduce the error rate and probability of failure.

  • Flexible printing surface: The printing base has an easy, flexible removal base, which improved the facilities to remove 3D printed parts without the need for tools that can damage the printing surface. The printing base quickly returns to its original shape after the part has been removed. Raise3D Pro3 is also compatible with a rigid build plate as well as a high temperature borosilicate glass build plate. This gives the customer the versatility to chose which build plate they want to print with.
  • Automatic levelling: The levelling process runs automatically, always maintaining optimum distance between the printing surface and nozzles. This equates to optimum quality of the initial print layer and a uniform build area.
  • HEPA filter: Raise3D Pro3 is equipped with a HEPA filter to remove all possible harmful particles generated during the 3D Printing of specific materials. It is a fully enclosed machine to ensure this.
  • Eve Smart Assistant and 7” touch screen: The touch screen of this FDM 3D printing machine allows users to easily interact with the printer. The EVE Smart Assistant is an integrated support system preloaded with the most common printing problems users face and the corresponding solutions. EVE Smart Assistant thoroughly guides the user to locate the problem and successfully solve it. There is also a function that provides reminders about how to maintain the equipment.
  • HD camera: Raised3D Pro3 has an integrated HD camera where the user can monitor the entire 3D printing process in real time.Additionally, Raise3D Pro3 has end-of-filament detection, resume system and remote control, reducing the 3D printer operator’s concerns to minimum during production.

ideaMaker and Raise Cloud – Efficient Ecosystem

Raise3D has its own lamination software called ‘ideaMaker’. It is an easy to use laminator that prepares any part (STL, OBJ or 3MF format) in just 2 clicks to be printed due to its automatic support generator. IdeaMaker allows you to customise supports and automatically modify layer height depending on level of detail required for the area (repair open area & many more operations). IdeaMaker also includes predefined printing profiles for all Raise3D manufactured filaments, optimised for each manufactures equipment.

RaiseCloud is a 3D printing platform also by Raise3D based on remotely controlling, reporting and monitoring the whole 3D Printing production process. It allows supervision and automation for the production of small batches from any internet platform (PC, tablet or smartphone).

This is perfect for companies that need to easy manage their 3D printers, users and prints as well as having centralised management of their projects, based on the search for customisation and flexibility to achieve an efficient workflow.

Why Use Solid Print3D?


Build volume:  Single extruder: 300×300×600 mm/ Double extruder: 255×300×600 mm

Print technology:  FDM/FFF

Print head system:  Dual solidarity extruder with electronic retraction

Filament diameter:  1.75 mm

Supported files: STL, OBJ, 3MF, OLTP

Build plate:  Flexible, Rigid or a high temperature borosilicate glass build plate

Max build plate temp:  120 ℃

Build plate leveling:  Pre-calibrated leveling

Supported materials:  PLA / ABS / HIPS / PC / TPU / TPE / NYLON / PETG / ASA / PP / PVA / Glass Fiber Infused / Carbon Fiber Infused / Metal Fill / Wood Fill

Nozzle: 0.2 – 0.4 (included) – 0.6  0.8 -1 mm

Max nozzle temp:  300 C

Connectivity:  Wi-Fi, LAN, USB port, Live camera

Air filter: HEPA with activated carbon

Weight: 61.15 kg

Dimensions: 620 x 626 x 1105 mm

Power supply input: 100-240 V AC, 50/ 60 Hz 230 V @ 3.3 A A

User interface:  7-inch Touch Screen


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