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Formlabs Form 3+ Complete 3D Printer Package


£3,029.00 ex. VAT | £3,634.80 inc. VAT


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Formlabs Form 3+ Complete Package enables you to quickly go from design to finished part with a powerful, high-intensity laser. Balance detail and speed with accurate, repeatable prints every time.

Easy clean-up and smoother parts with tear-away light-touch supports.


Form 3 complete package low force stereo product image

Low Force Stereolithography

Formlabs Form 3+ Complete Package 3d printer uses a technology called Low Force Stereolithography, which significantly reduces the forces exerted on parts during the print process which can me optimised in Preform. This is achieved by a flexible resin tank that bows gradually as the part is lowered into the resin.

This process enables light-touch support structure and improves performance and repeatability. With the Form 3+, true rapid prototyping is made possible and post-processing is made easier with snap away support structure.

material range form 3 complete package

Variety of Materials to Suit any Need

Formlabs have over 20 different materials that can be used on their range of SLA printers. Their materials range from being very flexible, to rigid, to materials that be printed quickly and to other materials that are functional in temperatures over 100 degrees.

Check out the range to see if there is a material for your need:

Material Range

Form 3 complete package easy to set up product image

The 3D Printer that Grows with your Business

The Formlabs Form 3+ Complete Package 3D printer is compatible with all the consumable components that are used on the Form 2. So if you are looking upgrade, the process has never been easier and less wasteful.

The Form 3+ has been designed with many other features to improve usability, such as; easy to use touchscreen interface, adaptive layer height printing, remote printing, tear away supports and many more.

Want more information? Call us and speak to one of our specialists now.



Technology:  Low force stereolitography

XY resolution:  25 microns

Laser spot size:  85 microns

Laser power:  One 250 mW laser

Build volume:  14.5 x 14.5 x 18.5 cm

Layer thickness:  25 – 300 microns

Resin fill system:  Automated

Bio-compatible materials:  No (available on 3B)

Supports:  Auto-generated

Printer dimensions:  40.5 x 37.5 x 53 cm

Weight:  17.5 kg

Operating temp:  18 – 28 C

Power requirements:  100-240 VAC, 2.5A, 50/60Hz, 220W

Connectivity:  Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB 2.0

Printer control:  5.5″ interactive touchscreen

Alerts:  SMS, email and touchscreen

What's Included

How Can The Formlabs Form 3+ Complete Package Benefit You?

Solid Print3D are offering the Formlabs Form 3 Complete Package, which gives you a complete 3D printing solution for fully automated, full-featured production. With it, you can make and process parts and models in-house with no need for third-party tools.

Included: This package contains 1 Form 3+ 3D Printer, 1 Resin Tank, 1 Build Platform, 1 Finish Kit, PreForm Software, 1 Form Wash, 1 Form Cure, 1L of Standard Resin and 1 years subscription to the Formlabs Pro Service Plan.

Form 3+: The Form 3+ is Formlabs’ most advanced standard-size desktop 3D printer, capable of manufacturing retail-grade models and end-use parts.

Low Force Stereolithography: It uses a technology called Low Force Stereolithography, which significantly reduces the forces exerted on parts during the print process, which can be optimised in Preform. This is achieved with a flexible resin tank that bows gradually as the part is lowered into the resin.

This process enables light-touch support structure and improves performance and repeatability. With the Form 3 3D printer, true rapid prototyping is made possible, and post-processing is made easier with the snap away support structure.

Materials: 10 different Formlabs materials at launch, for a wide range of applications.

Compatible with Form 2: Cartridges and Build Platforms are the same.

Ease of Maintenance: Optical components of the printer can be replaced in-field.

Tear Away Supports: Light touch supports for even smoother prints.

Adaptive Layer Height: For the combination of speed and detail.

Audible Alerts: Be notified of errors and changes in print status by sound.

Remote Printing: Start prints off from home, or on the go.

With the price of 3D printers dropping, they have become one of the most sought-after tools in various industrial businesses. However, homeowners can also benefit from 3D printing, especially desktop printers like the one in our Formlabs Form 3 Complete Package.

Advantages Of Buying 3D Printers For Home Use

In the past, only large businesses could afford to use 3D printers for manufacturing. But as the technology progressed, prices dropped, leading to the popularity of smaller 3D printers that are designed for home use. The Form 3 3D printer price is now more affordable than ever, making them easily accessible to most hobbyists and designers.

Using desktop printers like the Form 3 offers a lot of benefits. You can 3D print a lot of items that you would usually buy from the stores, anything from as paper towel holders, to smartphone cases.

Of course, you will need to buy the necessary materials and resin for 3D printing. However, it can be cheaper to print your own items instead of buying them.

Aside from every-day objects, you can also create spare parts using your 3D printer. This is extremely beneficial if you need to find expensive or hard to find parts to repair or spruce up old furniture or electrical appliances. It can also save time, as ordering spare parts might take days or weeks to be shipped from another country.

3D printers are also used to create personalised items, which can be fun if you are into 3D modelling and designing. Use 3D modelling software to design your item, or if you are not well-versed in 3D design, you can look for STL files of 3D models online.

Being the designer of an object that you can print means that you can produce items that can’t be found anywhere in the world. These items serve as great gifts for your loved ones and a great alternative to buying a mass-produced product from a shelf. If you don’t want to design from scratch, you can also download STL files and designs online, then tweak them a bit to suit your liking.

If you want to earn extra income, you can also use 3D printers to create a personalised item and list them online! You can either create your own designs or accept requests from people and create the designs that they want.

Formlabs Form 3 is the ideal printer for producing large objects without compromising quality. With this printer, you can create detailed 3D models, no matter how complex the design is.

However, keep in mind that it takes a lot of time and effort to design these items, so be careful when choosing design requests from your future clients. There are also different types of resins used in 3D printing, with each affecting the quality of your prints.

Therefore, you should plan your expenses before printing items. You should also compute the amount of electricity used, factor in your own labour cost, and more. Doing so will give you an idea of how much your products and services cost and will allow you to receive the right amount of profit.

Tips On Cleaning Your Form 3 Resin Tank

Although working with a 3D printer can be a lot of fun, Solid Print3D recommend that you regularly check and maintain your machine, especially the resin tank, so that you can keep using it for a long period of time.

The resin tank is where your machine holds the liquid resin throughout the printing process. Make sure to use the right tools and materials when cleaning the dual-layer film and the resin tank. Sharp or metal objects can damage your machine, which can significantly affect the quality of your prints.

Start cleaning the bottom of your tank and emptying it to avoid any spills. This is because the resin might leak from the tank’s walls if it is tilted at 5 or 10°. When cleaning, remove any cured resin from the top and bottom surfaces to preserve high-quality prints. Ensure that you’re wearing protective gloves as the resin may cause allergies.

Resin tanks also have a limited shelf life, and different factors can affect their lifespan, such as temperature, model geometry, resin exposure, and more. It should always be replaced when the worn-out dual-layer film affects your 3D prints, or when the printer can’t stretch the film anymore.

You should also check your resin tank from time to time; look for any punctures or cuts in the film, and if you find any, you can get brand new resin tanks at the Solid Print3D online store.

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How much is a Formlabs 3D printer?

So, you’re wondering how much is a three dimensional printer from Formlabs? They cost from around £440 to £8,000, depending on your requirements. There are many different kinds of printers available, each with pros and cons; opting for a cheaper one will most likely compromise on quality.

How much resin do I need for my 3D printer?

You should always have a sufficient amount of excess resin whenever you are using your Formlabs Form 3 3D printer. Fill the vat with enough resin to cover the build platform, especially when it is at zero position. Consult your manual for more information.

What is 3D printing most commonly used for?

The Form 3 printer price is dropping, so it’s becoming more popular among businesses in different industries, such as medical, architectural, engineering, and more. Any business that needs to manufacture small parts in limited quantities will find 3D printers more useful, faster and reliable than traditional manufacturing.

What can I print on my 3D printer?

You can create almost any 3D model with your printer. Here are some of the amazing things that you can make:

  • Hand-made camera lens
  • Acoustic guitars
  • Shakuhachi flute
  • 3D foetus
  • Rigid heddle loom
  • Figurines from children drawings

Is SLA faster than FDM?

Most FDM desktop 3D printers are faster than SLA types. However, if you print too fast, the final product will be lower in quality. Another difference between the two is the size; FDM is usually used to create large but simple parts. Use SLA if you want to create complex jigs and moulds.

Are resin prints stronger than FDM?

SLA resin is considered a stronger material than nylon, polycarbonate, and other tough FDM materials. Formlabs Form 3, a resin 3D printer, is the ideal machine for you if you want to produce more durable prototypes. For a low Formlabs form 3 price, browse our offers online today!

How long does Formlabs resin last?

Formlabs resins usually last between 12 and 24 months in the resin cartridge. However, the resin type can greatly affect its lifespan. You should also avoid using any expired resin for your 3D printing projects. Make sure to properly dispose of resins that have reached their expiry date.

How strong is a 3D printed resin?

The final product printed using tough resin will have a modulus of elasticity of 2.7 GPa and tensile strength of 55.7 MPa. This means that the material is resistant to splintering and shattering, so if you want strong printed models, use a resin 3 dimensional printer like the Formlabs Form 3.

What are the benefits of 3D printing?

3D printing can boost the production industry as this method is faster and more cost-efficient than the traditional approach. Moreover, purchasing 3 dimensional printers allows you complete control over the design and customisation of your printed products.

If you want a low Formlabs form 3 cost, have a look at the excellent offers on our online shop!

Formlabs Form 3 Is Now Faster And Easier To Maintain

Most Formlabs three dimensional printer users express their dissatisfaction due to the clean part removal of the machine. Formlabs explained that the machine’s feature, which can produce very fine supports, fails on other SLA systems because the peel force on each layer rips the parts off the build platform.

Because of this, the Formlabs Form 3 maker integrated a flexible tank in the system to reduce the forces on those parts; the result is a 3D print of higher quality, with better surface finish and detail. Moreover, the smoother parts that were combined with the supports can be easily cleaned after removal.

Formlabs also has a strong material called draft resin, which is suitable to use for Formlabs Form 3 printers. This resin prints at 300 micron layer lines and they are four times faster than your typical resin, making them perfect for rapid prototyping.

The Form 3 printing machine was created to meet market demand for speedy 3D printers that don’t compromise on quality. For an affordable Formlabs Form 3 printer, just browse our products to find affordable deals!

Everything You Need To Know About The PreForm Software

Just like any other Formlabs printer, the Form 3 also uses the PreForm Software, which is responsible for the stereolithography process.

In every Form 3 Formlabs printer, the printed object should be placed on the “support structures”. These support structures refer to the minute columns of resin that connect the mechanical platform to the printed object. If the object is not oriented properly on these structures, your model might break once you remove it from the machine.

With the updated PreForm software, users can enjoy its automatic object orientation feature, ensuring that the printed object can be removed from the platform without breaking.

Formlabs continuously update their software and hardware, trying to ensure 3D printing is as hassle-free as possible. Their main goal is to achieve a one-click printing process, where users can simply design a model, press the print button, and leave all the work to the machine.

SLA Printers: What Exactly Are They?

Stereolithography printers, also known as SLA or SL 3D printers, use photopolymers to create 3D printed objects. These printers function by using a vat of liquid curable photopolymer, also known as resin, which is then solidified by the machine’s UV laser light so the material can take the form of your design.

SLA printers, like the Formlabs Form 3, are often more accurate than Fused Deposition Modelling or FDM printers. Although SLA printers often have easily removable gel supports, they do not require extensive supports.

When it comes to printing, SLA printers can handle flexible materials and even print mesh-like models. Just make sure that you use the toughest resin available, to ensure your 3D object is as durable as possible.

If you want to find a low Form 3 printer cost, just give us a call, and we will help you find a machine that suits your needs!



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