MeccatroniCore BB-Cure XL


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Do you struggle to cure your large SLA prints? Look no further, the MeccatroniCore BB-Cure XL is a large, reliable UV curer that allows SLA parts to cured efficiently and consistently.

Large parts to be cured


The MeccatroniCore BB-Cure XL is an easy product to use. Simply plug into the mains, select the pre-set settings and press “start”. The product is designed to be used within industry, but it is simple enough to be used by novelists.

  • Internal dimension: 250 x 250 x 220(h) mm
  • External dimension: 355 x 410 x 350(h) mm
  • LED power: 150W


Shade parts being cured in BB-cure

Speed up the Design Process

The MeccatroniCore BB-Cure XL allows you, the designer, to iterate and develop your designs quicker. Previously, once a design has been printed, it would have to naturally cure in sunlight. However, with large parts it can take a long time to cure the part. If the part takes a while to cure then it slows down the design process. The printed part can’t be tested, post-processed or developed.


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