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Formlabs Resin Tank LT


£80.00 ex. VAT | £96.00 inc. VAT

9 Available

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Formlabs Resin Tank LT is more durable and longer lasting than the Formlabs Resin Tank. The Resin Tank LT has to be used on certain resins due to the fact these resins are cured in harsher conditions (light, chemical etc.). Or alternatively if you want to reduce the time spent switching Resin Tanks invest in the Resin Tank LT.
Required: Tough 2000, tough 1500, Grey Pro, Rigid and Elastic 50A Resin
Recommended: Castable Wax, Denture Base and Denture Teeth Resin
Compatible: All resins (Offers a life time twice as long as the standard resin Tank)
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Formlabs Consumable range

Increase your Workflow


Increase output and improve efficiency in your design or manufacturing process. Resin Tanks LT are interchangeable and it only takes moments to swap the resin in a printer. Resin Tank LT have easy clip on lids and can be stacked, making them easier to store.

If you want to expand your manufacturing and use materials that can withstand a greater demand, then you need to invest in a Resin Tank LT. The strongest, most flexiblie and most ideal materials for end use can only be printed using the Resin Tank LT.


Formlabs Resin Tank stacked

Maintenance and Lifetime


Resins expire within 18-24 months depending on the resin, Resin Tanks don’t last as long and will expire before the resin. The Resin Tanks are exposed to strong chemical resins and intense UV light, the Resin Tank LT is designed to more resistant to these factors and therefore last longer.

Resin Tank LT last, at least, twice as long as a standard tank

Once a Resin Tank expires, resins can be filtered and placed into a new tray. All expiry information is contained within the ID chip and you will be alerted through a message on the printer



How it Works

The diagram here shows you the main features of a Resin Tank LT. Once the tank is inserted into the printer, it will register the ID chip, this is where all print times, expiry dates and resin volume information is stored.

Once the resin is ejected into the tray, the wiper moves to ensure a even consistency of the resin. The elastic layer above the window is the most sensitive component of the tray and this is what determines when the Resin Tank expires.

The elastic layer is required to be soft and permeable to allow for oxygen and light to react, so that the resin can cure. However, having these properties makes the material more susceptible to damage from the intense light and chemicals.

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