Figure 4 Rigid 140C Black 1kg Kit

3D Systems

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The Figure 4 Rigid 140C Black delivers on the promise of delivering functional, durability in plastic parts. Figure 4 Rigid 140c Black is a two-part expoxy/acrylate hybrid material, parts feature long-term mechanical stability in various environments. Made with patented filler provides toughness comparable to injection molded polybutylene glass fibre (PBT GF).



  • Automotive under-the-hood and in-cabin components
  • End-use clips, covers, connecters, housings and fasteners
  • Electrical latching and board connectors




  • Parts can withstand years of indoor UV and humidity exposure with minimal degradation to dimensional stability or functional performance
  • Surface finish comparable to injection molding
  • Suitable for repeated snap-fit use without deformation



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