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HI TEMP 300-AMB is an industry leading, ultra-high temperature rigid plastic suitable for the harshest thermal environments. With a heat deflection temperature of over 300C at both low and high stress, this material is well suited for testing high temperature components in applications including HVAC, consumer appliances, motor enclosures, stators, molds and more. HI TEMP 300-AMB doesn’t require secondary thermal post-cure.


  • High temperature components testing, and general use parts including: HVAC, consumer appliances, motor enclosures, stators, etc.
  • Low pressure molding/tooling: expanding foams, rubbers, etc.
  • Overmolding



  • Production-grade material
  • High heat resistance for testing and use in high heat environments
  • No secondary thermal post-cure required
  • Excellent visualization for parts requiring evaluation of internal features and fluid flow performance



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