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Durable is ideal for engineering prototypes and has been developed to withstand high strain. Consider Durable Resin for applications that require impact resistance for rugged prototyping and for models that feel or look like real polypropylene.
Suitable for use with all Formlab SLA printers and any resin tank
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Durable Resin

High Elongation

Durable Resin is ideal for parts that need to be rigid but require some flexibility to function. Durable Resin has a high elongation ratio of 55%, it can be withstand deformation of 55% of it’s original size before breaking.

Suitable for Moving Components

Durable Resin has the lowest coefficient of friction to all the Tough or Standard Resins. It’s self-lubricating properties combined with it’s willingness to ‘give’ makes it an ideal material for mechanical joints such as ball-joints.

Durable Resin

Resistant to Deformation

Durable Resin is capable of extreme deformation before breaking or fracturing. It can withstand repeated cyclic loads and yet still ‘spring’ back to it’s original shape once the load is removed.

High Impact Strength

Durable resin can withstand quick-loading, large forces without fracturing. It’s flexibility allows it absorb the initial impact of forces but it will return to it’s original shape due to the fact the material has some degree of rigidity.

Durable Resin

Wear resistant

Durable Resin is fairly wear resistant material due to both it’s hardness and low-friction surface. However, if you wish to sand the component in the post processing stage give allow for more time.

Material Examples

Durable Resin is perfect for squeezable prototypes (bottles etc.), Low friction and non-degrading surfaces, impact resistant jigs and prototypes for PP or HDPE.

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