Reverse Engineering a Ducati Carburetor

This blog discusses the reverse engineering process to 3D Scan, CAD model, 3D Print and then run a Ducati Carburetor.

Neil Sewell

November 4, 2019

See how we 3D Scanned & 3D Printed a Ducati Carburetor for a Ducati Racing Motorbike.

This video (produced by our sister company Solid Solutions) details how we reverse engineered a carburetor for a classic racing bike riden by a British Rider – Tony Rutter.

Tony was 4 time Formula 2 World Champion when he unfortunately crashed this bike which also ended his career. Guy Taylor, his mechanic, rebuilt the bike and keeping it running is a real passion for Guy and our Reverse Engineering Expert – Nick Pericli.

We used a Creaform HandyScan to scan the original part, we used the Creaform software to get it to a workable file and then transferred into SolidWorks to create accurate goemetry. Finally we printed the part on a Formlabs SLA printer in their standard grey resin.

Watch the 3 minute video below to understand the process.

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