Voltera V-One PCB Printer (No Drill)


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The Voltera V-One brings quick turn PCBs to your desktop. Import your Gerber file into the Voltera software, press print, and the V-One will bring your board to life. Use the solder paste dispensing and reflow features to mount components onto your printed board, or mount components on a prefabricated board with ease.

The V-One includes all the accessories and consumables you need to get started.


Print single and double sided boards at your desk in minutes.


Design your boards in your CAD tool of choice, before importing your Gerbers in the V-One software. Find design guidelines and export guides here.


The V-One lays down conductive materials only where you have designed it. With this you can expect performance similar to copper for digital, RF and low-power circuits. The Voltera drill accessories and copper rivets allow you to create vias and thru-holes.


After the ink is thermally cured, solder paste is dispensed to create a strong electrical and mechanical connection between your board and the components.


Design. Print. Test. Repeat. All within an hour. The V-One allows for constant design iteration to enable you to better your design.


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What's Included


  • Conductor 2 cartridge
  • 1 Solder Paste cartridge
  • 10 2″x3″ FR4 substrates
  • 6 3″x4″ FR4 substrates
  • 10 2″x3″ FR1 substrates
  • 6 3″x4″ FR1 substrates
  • 25 disposable 230 micron nozzles
  • 1 burnishing pad
  • 1 solder wire spool
  • 1 drill bit set
  • 200 0.4mm rivets
  • 200 1.0mm rivets
  • 2 rivet tools
  • 1 sacrificial layer
  • Hello World starter kit
  • Punk Console starter kit


  • 2 substrate clamps and thumbscrews
  • 2 dispensers with caps
  • 1 probe
  • 1 drill
  • 1 set of safety glasses
  • 1 Voltera anti-static tweezers


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