Ultimaker TPU 95A – TPU – 750g


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Ultimaker TPU 95A – TPU – Ultimaker

Ultimaker TPU 95A – TPU

With the introduction of Ultimaker TPU 95A , Ulitmaker has set the bars of 3D printing filaments so high. This exceptional filament works in a précised manner. They are semi-flexible in nature. The semi-flexible characteristic of Ultimaker TPU 95A maintains the infill in a balanced approach. Due to the intrinsic nature of Thermoplastic polyurethane, it is not only resistant to various chemicals, but also resistant to oil, grease and other lubricants.
Outstanding features of Ultimaker TPU 95A :

• Provides amazing durability
• Hygroscopic in nature
• Works wonder in functional prototyping
• Available in 4 different colors


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