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Discover the S3


What makes the Ultimaker S3 the Perfect Desktop Printer?

The Ultimaker S3 is a very powerful desktop 3D printer that can create industrial-grade parts that are both high-quality and accurate to the 3D model. Not only is this piece of hardware reliable and versatile, but its setup is also simple enough thanks to its dual extrusion and high uptime.

With these traits, the Ultimaker S3 is truly the perfect professional 3D printing solution for creating geometrical patterns and technical designs using a combination of build materials and water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) support.

A reliable, versatile, and powerful 3D printer which provides accurate and industrial-grade parts. The Ultimaker S3 has a simple setup with dual extrusion and high up time which makes it a perfect professional 3D printing solution. It can create technical designs and geometrical patterns by combining build material with water-soluble PVA support


A highly reliable product with excellent performance, Ultimaker have built their brand reputation on reliability & printing quality. A closed front controls the flow of air, while your print will pause by the filament flow sensor if required. It will also notify you when you are out of material.


The build volume of Ultimaker S3 is 230 × 190 × 200 mm, with automatic bed levelling to enable unattended use and great adhesion with every print. Combined with Cura, Ultimaker’s splicing software, the Ultimaker S3 provides its users with a higher level of convenience.

Touch Display:

The display with a touch screen makes the use of  the 3D printer easier and effortless. It provides a visual preview of your design and in addition to that, it displays visual guides to explain other phenomena like configuration changes and maintenance.

Built-in Camera:

The Ultimaker S3 has an in-built camera which remotely monitors the prints, furthermore, it can print over Wi-Fi, Ethernet or from a USB stick.

High-quality resolution:

Ultimaker S3 has a high-quality XYZ resolution of 6.9, 6.9, 2.5 microns with a layer height of 20-600 microns depending upon your chosen nozzle size. You can choose from 0.25mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm & 0.8mm for super fast printing.

Cura Software:

This printer uses Ultimaker’s Cura softwaree which comes with pre-configured files, minimising the need to spend time on complex slicing settings. Cura has inbuilt profiles for Ultimaker materials & a growing range of partner materials.

Unlimited possibilities:

With Ultimaker’s range of build and support materials, you can 3D print everything from quick prototypes to quick complex parts. In addition to that, you can also choose a custom material solution with its open filament system.

What's Included

  • Ultimaker S3 3D Printer
  • Glass build plate x 2
  • Spool holder with material guide
  • Power cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • USB stick
  • Print core AA 0.4
  • Print core BB 0.4
  • XY calibration sheet – glass build plate
  • Calibration card
  • 3 x Nozzle cover
  • 1 x 750g reel of Tough PLA
  • 1 x 750g reel of PVA
  • Glue stick
  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Hex screwdriver 2 mm

Key Features


The maximum build volume of this printer is 230 × 190 × 200 mm with automatic bed levelling. This feature enables excellent adhesion with every print and makes unattended use possible.

When combined with Ultimaker’s slicing software, Cura, the S3 provides a high level of convenience to its users.


Aside from excellent product performance, Ultimaker has built its brand on the back of exceptional reliability and printing quality. Each S3 printer has a closed front that controls the flow of air, while prints are paused by the filament flow sensor as required. The printer also gives a notification to the user once it runs out of printing material.

Built-in Camera

The Ultimaker S3 has a built-in camera, which is internally mounted. This component lets you start, monitor, and stop the printing process from any location.

High-Quality Resolution

The Ultimaker S3 3D Printer boasts a high-quality XYZ resolution of 6.9, 6.9, 2.5 microns. Depending on the size of the nozzle that you choose, its layer height ranges between 20 and 600 microns. Options for nozzle sizes are 0.25mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, and 0.8mm for super-fast printing.

Cura Software

The S3 uses Cura Software that comes with pre-configured files. These pre-sets effectively minimise the need to spend time figuring out complicated slicing settings. Cura has built-in profiles that are readily available for both Ultimaker materials and a growing range of partner materials.

The S3 can also connect to the Cura Software via Wi-Fi, allowing users to do print jobs wirelessly or remotely view the printing process.

Touch Display

Using the 3D Printer becomes effortless and easier thanks to the touchscreen feature that goes with the display. The display  provides a preview of your design as well as visual guides to explain settings such as configuration changes and maintenance with ease.

Unlimited Possibilities

You can print everything from quick prototypes to more intricate parts in 3D, thanks to the Ultimaker S3 dimensions and the wide range of building and support materials available.

It addition, this printer comes with a special open filament system, which enables you to maximise your print success and streamline your process. With this system, you can print using any 2.85 mm filament, as well as any of the print profiles available on the Ultimaker Marketplace!

Ultimaker S3 Price

We at Solid Print3D  sell this fantastic piece of hardware at £3,385 excluding VAT and comes with the following parts and accessories:


  • Ultimaker S3 3D Printer
  • Power cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • Spool holder with material guide
  • Glass build plate x 2
  • USB stick
  • Calibration card
  • 3 x Nozzle cover
  • 1 x 750g reel of Tough PLA
  • 1 x 750g reel of PVA
  • Glue stick
  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Hex screwdriver 2 mm
  • XY calibration sheet – glass build plate
  • Print core AA 0.4
  • Print core BB 0.4

You may also take the option of extended warranties, back-up & support, consumables – such as filaments – and training courses for an extra fee. You might also be interested in the Ultimaker 3 Extended, which is essentially the same as the Ultimaker 3 but with an additional working height of 10cm. It has a price tag of £3,625 exclusive of VAT.

Ultimaker 3D Printers

From being used primarily in the automotive, aviation, and aerospace sectors in the ’90s, Ultimaker 3D Printers have come a long way.

At present, 3D printers are no longer just used in laboratories and factories. They are being used for toys, jewellery, and many other manufacturing applications.

Their purpose is no longer limited to expensive professional services across different industries anymore; 3D printers prove to be useful for personal use by designers, inventors, and hobbyists alike.

As 3D printing becomes more popular and more accessible, a wide range of options are now available on the market. With this influx comes the necessity of knowing which factors to consider when choosing a 3D printer to suit your requirements.

Why Ultimaker 3D Printers?

Ultimaker 3D Printers, as shown in the latest Ultimaker S3 review, are regarded as the preferred choice in the market because of the following qualities:

Ease Of Use And Superior Functionality

Ultimaker 3D printers are known for delivering quality performance at a faster pace. Features such as precise dual extrusion, automated bed levelling, filament flow sensors, and dependable extrusion place them on the level of professional-grade hardware.

The Ultimaker S3, for instance, although more affordable, has most of the S5’s technologies in a scaled-down, more compact machine. The Ultimaker S5 3D Printer happens to be the newest and most powerful in Ultimaker’s current stable of 3D printers.

User-Friendly Software

All Ultimaker 3D Printers come with Cura software installed. Cura is an excellent 3D slicing software that can be integrated with computer-aided design (CAD) for a smoother and easier workflow.

In addition, its connectivity options allow you to send print jobs via Wi-Fi and remotely view the progress of the printing through the print queue management feature and the built-in camera on the printer.

The Best Ultimaker S3 Dealer

As experts in 3D Printing Products and Services, Solid Print3D is the leading dealer of Ultimaker 3D Printers in the UK. We can answer all your questions about Ultimaker 3D printers and help you find the one that best suits your requirements.

Get in touch with the Solid Print3D team today by calling 01926 333 777! For written enquiries, you may also reach us through email at support@solidprint3d.co.uk or by filling out the contact form on our website: https://www.solidprint3d.co.uk/contact-us/. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you with your purchase!


Is the Ultimaker 3 worth it?

Why purchase a 3-dimensional printer at this price-point?
The Ultimaker 3 is a formidable machine. Its dual extrusion system offers the same quality as its single extrusion predecessors. The build quality is reliable, while the performance and reliability are excellent.

How much is an Ultimaker?

The Ultimaker S3 price in the UK is £4,062 inclusive of VAT. Other current models, the Ultimaker 2+ and the Ultimaker 2 Extended + cost £1900 and £2290 each. While retired models such as the Ultimaker 2 and Ultimaker 2 Extended had a price tag of £1450 and £1755 respectively.

Why is the Ultimaker so expensive?

The Ultimaker S3 3D Printer delivers quality prints at a higher speed than other brands thanks to its state-of-the-art technology. In comparison, you’d have to shell-out around £615 to make a Prusa, its open-source equivalent, to print like the Ultimaker. For it to match what the Ultimaker can produce, you need to add in an additional £1070.

How does the Ultimaker 3 work?

The Ultimaker 3 detects the minute displacement of the nozzle as it presses against the bed using a capacitive sensor. This process is a cut above the usual conductive and inductive sensors used on other printers in the market.

What is 3D design and printing?

3D printing, or Additive Manufacturing to use the technical term, is a process that renders a 3D design into a tangible object. It works by slicing the 3D design into layers through the software and then prints it layer by layer on a 3D printer bed.

What do 3D printers do?

3D printers make use of computer-aided design (CAD) to create 3D objects from different materials such as molten plastic, powders etc. Plastics may be used to print rigid materials such as sunglasses, for example, while hybrid rubber can be used to make flexible objects such as bike handles and phone cases.

How do you print with the Ultimaker 3?

Printing with the Ultimaker 3 is made easier with its built-in USB port. To print, save and transfer your sliced model from the Ultimaker Cura software to a flash drive. Then, plug the drive into the Ultimaker 3. Finally, navigate the touch screen panel and choose from the selection of designs which you want to print.

What are the benefits of using a dual extruder machine such as the Ultimaker?

The Ultimakers dual extrusion technology makes multicolour printing possible. It also allows you to use different types of filament material and quickly provides an alternative if a unit breaks down.

How much does it cost to 3D print?

If you’re looking to get a 3D printer for professional purposes that produces quality prints at a good pace, get ready to shell out at least £3,000.

What is a 3D image?

A 3D or three-dimensional image is an image that has width, height, and depth and makes use of x, y, and z axes. While our eyes sense an image as 2-dimensional, the brain processes what our retina absorbs, enabling us to get a 3D visual experience.

How Do 3D Printers Work?

A nozzle from the printing machine builds a tangible version of the 3D model layer by layer, from top to bottom. They make use of fused deposition modelling (FDM) to print over the same area repeatedly until a desired shape or form is reached.

The process is automatic as the printer makes use of its software to turn 3D rendered CAD drawings into two-dimensional layers that are cross-sections of the actual model. When stacked atop each other in the correct sequence, these layers would then form the 3D model.

Finding The Right 3D Printer

Here are quick tips you need to keep in mind when buying a three-dimensional printer:

  • Figure out what you want to print out – The type of printer you’ll need is dependent on the kind of object you want to print.
  • Know the 3-Dimensional Printer style that best suits you – Most 3D printing hobbyists conform with FDMs that use filaments. It’s a great idea to check out other processes like Digital Light Processing (DLP) and Stereolithography (SLA) as well.
  • Look for built-in safety features – The safety features of well-designed 3D printers are user-friendly and intuitive, such as a quick cool function and automatic nozzle movement once the printing is paused or already finished.

Step By Step Workflow Of Ultimaker S3 Printer

The software to hardware connectivity of the Ultimaker S3 is seamless, removing the need to outsource processes that take up much time, energy, and resources.

With the Ultimaker S3, it’s as easy as the following steps:

  1. You can export your finished CAD model with ease from the Ultimaker Cura and its many plugins.
  2. Select the Ultimaker 3 printer as an output along with the desired printing material to be used.
  3. Double-check and confirm the orientation, scale, and position of the model on the build plate.
  4. Prepare the model for 3D printing by slicing it into layers.
  5. Through Wi-fi, LAN, or the Ultimaker Cloud, send the model file to the Ultimaker 3 for the task to commence.

Understanding The Features Of 3D Printers

A better understanding of its features helps a lot when choosing the right 3D printer for your needs. Some of the main features to consider are:

  • 3D Printer Resolution – Measured in microns, a higher resolution makes sure that you get a finished product that is more detailed and has a better finish.
  • 3D Build Volume – Measured in cubic mm or inches. These measurements limit the size of the model that can be built by the 3D printer. For example, the Ultimaker S3 build volume is 230 × 190 × 200 mm.
  • Multicolour support – This feature allows your 3D printer to utilise various filaments at the same time to print a product in multiple colours. Printers with this function are usually expensive, given the number of extruder heads that come with the 3D printer.

The Advancements Of The Ultimaker S3

You’ll definitely get value for the Ultimaker S3 cost, as it is packed with the latest technology, including:

  • an award-winning touch interface with predefined print settings
  • composite-ready feeder wheels that are hardened along with the CC print core, making sure to print almost any filament you feed into it
  • accurate stepper drivers, a stiffer build platform, heated build plate, and advanced active levelling to achieve a finer and clearer finished product

Get in touch with us now, and our team will be more than happy to help you choose the right three-dimensional printer.


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