Ultimaker PVA Natural – 750g


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Ultimaker PVA Natural – 750g – Ultimaker

Ultimaker PVA Natural – 750g

PVA – polyvinyl alcohol is a support material that dissolves in water. For complex printing of 3D structures and deep internal cavities, Ultimaker PVA Natural – 750g acts best. It has water soluble and heat resistance properties. As it is thermal resistant, thus it is more resistant to degradation which gives 3D structures a long-lasting effect. You can easily create complex aesthetically appealing models with Ultimaker PVA Natural – 750g.

Customer satisfying features of Ultimaker PVA Natural – 750g:

• Water soluble
• Can work with dual extrusions like PLA or Nylon
• Thermo-stable
• Biodegradable product
• Excellent durability
• Filaments weight only 750 g


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