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Discover the Ultimaker 3

Professional 3D printing made easy and accessible through Ultimaker 3, which is the best printer for professional and multi-materials prints. Having dual extrusion capabilities and featuring new connectivity options, increases its versatility.

This is the upgraded version of Ultimaker 2+ but having less build volume as compared to its predecessor. It has swappable print cores instead of fixed nozzles. Furthermore, it is the first printer in the family of Ultimaker printers with dual extrusion, enabling high-quality and high-resolution dual extrusion parts.

Print cores:

The Ultimaker 3 includes 3 print cores i.e. two AA and one BB, for standard materials like PLA, ABS, and Nylon AA cores are used and for support materials like PVA, BB cores are utilized. Fast print core changes resulted in easier maintenance and easier materiel change overs..


For better connectivity, instead of SD card slot, USB slot and Wi-fi feature have given, which made the transfer of designs as easy as possible.

Dual extrusion:

There is an innovative system in Ultimaker 3 which enables to create complex mechanical parts by combining build and water-soluble support materials. Or you can also choose to print in two colours or materials. The dual extruder with the auto nozzle-lifting system allows you to make cleaner prints.

Optimised cooling and less noise:

This 3D Printer has powerful new fans which make less noise to minimise distraction. The two radial fans and fan shrouds improve the airflow by creating a greater pressure-build, which maintains the temperature resulting in superior cooling, faster and smooth printing.

Built-in Camera:

With its built-in live camera, you can monitor your prints anytime, anywhere. It makes the use of  this 3D printer simple and convenient.

New build plate:

The build quality of Ultimaker 3 is excellent and the new build plate is designed for automatic levelling. To measure the distance between bed and nozzle, a sensor in the print head is placed. The new glass build plate is lighter, stiffer, and heated so you can print with a wide range of materials. The plate can also be removed easily for handling, removing and cleaning purposes.

LED Indicators:

The printer includes LED lights giving you the best possible view of your 3D print, especially when viewed through the camera.

Range of materials:

Ultimaker 3 supports a huge range of materials to achieve superior results and its optimised Ultimaker Cura software has the best print settings per material. It also recognises which print core and material you are using. Furthermore, you can experiment with all kinds of materials through its open filament system.

Ultimake 3 Build Volume:

The build volume of Ultimaker 3 is 215 × 215 × 200mm and has 10.6kg weight with a build speed <24mm³/s.

What's Included

  • Ultimaker 3 3D Printer
  • 1 reel of Ultimaker PLA
  • 1 reel of Ultimaker PVA Filament
  • 2 x AA Print Cores
  • 1 x BB Print Core
  • UK Power Supply
  • USB drive
  • Card for Calibration
  • Hex Wrench Set
  • Glue
  • Grease




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