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Formlabs Tough Resin


Tough Resin balances strength and compliance, making it the ideal choice
for prototyping strong, functional parts and assemblies that will undergo brief
periods of stress or strain.

Tough Resin

Better Impact Resistance than Standard Resins

Tough Resin has a similar strength to the Standard Resin range as well as the commonly used plastic, ABS. However, Tough Resin is better suited for mechanical uses, it’s ability to absorb energy makes it less brittle and less likely to fail then the Standard Resin range.

Good Elongation

Tough Resin has a Elongation at Break (%) of 24.00. This four times greater than the Stand Resin range.

Tough Resin

Blue Surface Finish

Tough Resin has a unique blue finish. Having a more vibrant colour can be benefical to creatives in the design process, having a finish different to that of a final end product stimulates innovation and playfulness.

Can be Machined

Tough Resin is a hard material, once fully cured it has the ability to be post processed through a variety of methods, these include: Milling, sawing, sanding, tapping, painting etc.

Tough Resin

High Strain Stress Properties

Ideal to use Tough Resin for strong components exposed to high stress strain. Components made in this material can absorb a lot of energy and withstand large deformation before failing.

Similar ABS Properties

Tough Resin is ideal for modelling parts which need to be made out of ABS or other components such as; Assemblies, sturdy prototypes, interference and press fits.

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