Tough 2000 Resin


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Tough 2000 Resin – Formlabs

Tough 2000 Resin for Resilient Prototyping

Tough 2000 Resin is the strongest and stiffest material in the functional family of Tough and Durable Resins. It produces stiff parts which should not bend easily.

This Resin is ideal for:

  • Strong and stiff prototypes
  • Jigs and fixtures requiring minimal deflection
  • Simulating the strength and stiffness of ABS

Technical data:

Due to its high elongation and stiff modulus, Tough 2000 Resin is ideal for parts that need to be stiff and difficult to bend. When pushed to its incredibly high stress limit, Tough 2000 parts will strain significantly before permanently deforming and ultimately breaking. Parts made with the material also show great levels of spring back when bent, meaning that your parents are unlikely to remain deformed when put under stress.

Whether you’re optimising your manufacturing process, rapidly iterating through designs, or assessing form, fit, and function, Formlabs Engineering Resins are formulated to withstand extensive testing and perform under stress.

Supports print resolutions: 100 and 50 microns.
Requires: Resin Tank LT for Form 2 and Resin Tank V2 for Form 3
Post-curing required.



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