Formlabs Temporary CB Resin Starter Pack


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Formlabs Temporary CB Resin


Increase your productivity and reduce client wait times by investing in the Temporary CB Resin Starter Pack. Use this package to print custom inlays, outlays and veneers to get your clients a more personalised and durable Crown/Bridge restoration.

Resin Tank LT (Form 2) and not suitable for use with the Form 3

Must use the Stainless Steel Build Platform that comes with the bundle (not a standard build platform)

Click here to view the Formlabs Temporary Resin Datasheet


Temporary CB Resin Formlabs

Suitable to use with Traditional Dentistry Methods

Temporary CB Resin is suitable to use with traditional methods. Dentists are able to quickly produce the tooth fixtures in-house, the tooth can then be restored using traditional dentistry cement.

4 Shades of Colour

Temporary CB Resin is available in 4 different shades of colour to meet any clients needs. Having the ability to quickly produce the temporary crown/bridge in any colour means that clients tooth restorations can be completed quickly, reducing the need for return visits or check ups.

Temporary CB Resin printing crowns

Excellent Strength

Temporary CB Resin can produce highly accurate models ensuring that it is suitable for the clients needs. Not only does the temporary crown/bridge have a professional aesthetic but the resin has excellent marginal strength adaption.

Long Lasting

Temporary CB Resin is strong, hard and suitable to use with industry tested density methods/adhesives. All these factors mean it can last up to 12 months comfortably.

Temporary CB Resin dental

Improve client Experience

Adopting Formlabs 3B printer with Temporary CB Resin allows for on the spot restorations. This reduces the number of appointments a client needs to book, ensures consistent results and improves the overall experience for all parties.

Easy to Set-up

Setting up Formlabs printers can seem complicated however with the support of the Solid Print3D team we can get you up and running in no time at all. We are here to help you become self-sufficient.

Want to understand the process better? Check it out here 

What's Included

  • Temporary CB Resin
  • Stainless Steel Build Platform



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