Sindoh 3DWOX 1X


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Sindoh 3D wox 1x

Sindoh 3D wox1X is a compact, versatile 3D printer that is ideal for use in an office, home or workshop environment. The 3D wox 1X has an user-friendly interface, easy to load material bay and flexible print bed that allows for easy detachment of prints. With the Sindoh 3D wox1X even 3D printing novelists can achieve strong, visually pleasing prototypes.

Sindoh 3D wox1X is an upgraded model of the Sindoh 3D Wox1, it has a larger build volume.



Easy to refil Sindoh filament

Print from your Home or Office

The Sindoh 3D wox1X is a small, compact and lightweight unit that can easily fit on a desk. The printer is designed to be silence, it only has a noise level of 40dB(A), meaning that the printer can be operating within an office environment without distracting anyone.

3D printing materials can sometimes create dust, the Sindoh 3D wox1X has a built in air filtration system meaning that it can operate in a confined space and not pose any harm.

Flexible print bed sindoh

Quality Prints that are Easy to Achieve

The Sindoh 3D wox1X is a very easy printer to operate and requires only very basic training. It has an easy to follow display screen, automated bed levelling, easy to change filament, filament tracking and a flexible print bed to assist with removing prints

The Sindoh 3D wox1X allows the user to achieve prints of a good surface finish, dimensional tolerance and strength, without any of the fuss.

Material range Sindoh

Good Material Selection at Competitive Prices

The Sindoh 3D wox1X can only use filament that is supplied by Sindoh. However, Sindoh offer a wide range of materials (ABS, PLA, TPU and PVA) in an even wider range of colours, at very competitive prices. The cost of running and maintaining the Sindoh 3D wox1X is low.

Want to see the full range of materials from Sindoh, click here

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Print technology:  Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

Build volume:  228 x 200 x 300 mm

Layer thickness:  0.05 – 0.4 mm

Weight:  22 kg

Material:  Sindoh filament: ABS or PLA / Open source filament: PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG

Print head:  Single nozzle

Filament diameter:  1.75 mm

Heated bed:  Yes

Connectivity:  USB, Wifi and Ethernet

Interface:  5″ touch screen

Nozzle diameter:  0.4 mm

Printer size:  454 x 468 x 571 mm

Leveling:  Semi-Auto (Supports Active Leveling)



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