Raise3D Premium PETG Filament


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Raise3d Premium PETG – Raise3D

Raise3d Premium PETG

Raise3d Premium PETG ensures high quality prints. PETG has been derived from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), while the G in it depicts glycol-modified PET. Due to its amazing heat resistance properties, it is widely used in industrial thermoplastic. It showcases strength, toughness, high speed printing characteristics. Raise3d Premium PETG is most commonly used in prototyping and testing stage of product development. User doesn’t have to worry about the pre or post processing of the prints made out of PETG, because of its eco-friendly behavior.

Customer satisfying features of PETG:

• 100% durability
• High speed printing
• Minimal post processing
• Heat resistant


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