Pocket NC V2-50 Bundle

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£8,800.00 ex. VAT

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This Pocket NC V2-50 Bundle could cost from as little as £283+VAT*




Discover the V2-50

Looking to purchase a Pocket NC machine in the UK or the EU? We cover the import duty costs and paper work for you!

Inspired by how desktop 3D Printing was changing the engineering landscape, Pocket NC decided to design and develop a desktop CNC 5 axis machine. The Kickstarter campaign reached its $70,000 target within the first hour of launch and Pocket NC have gone on to be the only company of their type producing small, accurate Desktop Milling Machines from Montana, America.

Pocket NC have shipped over 1,000 units to companies such as NASA, Formlabs, Siemens, Gillette, FabLab, & Los Alamos.

What’s included with the Pocket NC V2-50 Bundle?

  • Pocket NC V2-50
    • CHB 1/8 in Collet
    • 1/8 in Square Plastic Cutting Endmill, Single Flute
    • Pocket NC Vise, Hardware and Vise Adaptor to B Table
    • USB Cable
    • Power Cord
    • Regulator for air, fittings, air cleaning kit
  • Enclosure with Safety Switch
  • CHB Collet Pack (3mm & 4mm)
  • ER40 Fixture with 25mm Collet
  • Emuge Franken Carbide Torus End Mill Alu-Cut (1,5mm)
  • Emuge Franken Carbide Torus End Mill Alu-Cut (2,0mm)
  • Emuge Franken Carbide End Mill Long Type (3,0mm)
  • Emuge Franken Carbide Ball Nose Cutter Alu-Cut (1,0mm)
  • Emuge Franken Carbide Ball Nose Cutter Alu-Cut (2,0mm)
  • Import Duty
  • Delivery

What size part can I make with the Pocket NC V2-50?

  • X travel – 116mm
  • Y travel – 127mm
  • Z travel – 91mm

What materials can I cut with this CNC Machine?

The Pocket NC V2-50 Bundle is capable of cutting any material with a hardness equivalent of 4140 Steel. This includes, various Steels, Aluminium, Wax, Wood etc.

We don’t recommend cutting ceramics or gemstones etc. as this will shorten the life of your machine.

What are some of the different types of tooling?

You are free to use any tools you like with the machine but we will supply you with a pack of 5 Emuge Franken Tools. Example tools include: Endmill, Drill, Ball mill, Chamfer Tool, Keyway/ Dovetail

What are the differences between the V2-50 and the V2-10?

If you are interested in finding out more about the differences between the two Pocket NC V2-10 and V2-50, please click the link below to read our new blog.

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UK Based Support and Training

With each purchase of a Pocket NC machine comes our UK-based support and training, to ensure that you are able to use your new machine to its fullest extent.

What's Included

  • Pocket NC Mill V2-50
  • 1 x Enclosure with Interlock
  • One extended reach tool holder
  • 1/8th Inch ER11 Collet and Nut
  • Single Flute Wood, Wax, and Plastic Endmill – Part 52508
  • Use of Pocket NC Simulator for simulating parts prior to cutting
  • USB cable
  • CHB Collet Pack (3mm & 4mm)
  • ER40 Fixture with 25mm Collet
  • Import Duty
  • Delivery
  • Power cord
  • Pocket NC Limited Warranty




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