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Nylon 12


Nylon 12 powder is perfect for functional prototypes and small batch manufacturing. Create complex assemblies or durable end-use parts. Nylon 12 has excellent mechanical properties as well as being biocompatible and sterilisable for skin contact. create highly detailed parts with a layer thickness of 110 microns. Nylon 12 has a material refresh rate of 30%, print with up to 70% recycled powder reducing material wastage. This material has a shelf lifetime of 24 months. Find out more about the properties of Nylon 12 below.

Nylon 12 range of applications - Bike peddles

A Strong Material for All Applications

Unlike most printing materials, Nylon 12 returns to its original shape after having been bent, rather than breaking.

Resilient Parts

Nylon 12 parts break at an incredible 11% elongation, making it one of the most resilient materials to bending on the market.

Nylon 12 mechanical applications Fuse 1

Sturdy Under Pressure

Unlike most printing materials, parts printed using Nylon 12 can be used on structural, mechanical and load bearing applications.

50 MPa Tensile Strength

With a 50 MPa tensile strength, Nylon 12 is one of the strongest materials on the market. Please contact us to find how it can be used in your manufacturing process.

Nylon 12 applications Fuse 1 batch production

High Heat Deflection

With a 171 °C / 340 °F @ 0.45 MPa heat deflection temperature, you can be assured that parts printed with Nylon 12 will be able to withstand high temperature environments with ease.

Non-Stop Printing

Nylon 12 is used with a removable build chamber, meaning that as you near the end of one print, you can move swiftly onto the next with ease.


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