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Nylon 11


Nylon 11 is Formlabs latest material to be developed for the Fuse 1 SLS printer. Compared to Nylon 12, Nylon 11 is more ductile, more flexible and less brittle. Nylon 11 is better for parts requiring more impact resistance.

Nylon 11 Techincal Datasheet coming soon!

Nylon 11 polymer powder_what are it's limits

High Ductility

Nylon 11 produces parts with better mechanical properties than Nylon 12. With Nylon 11 you can print end-use parts that can withstand wear and tear over time. Improve the life span of your design by using Nylon 11.

Good Flexibility

Nylon 11 has a 40% elongation before it fractures, meaning that designs printed with Nylon 11 will return to their original shape even after extreme bending. For this reason Nylon 11 is ideal for uses such as; being used for the headband of headphones.

Nylon 11 polymer powder_detailed prints

Thin Walls

Nylon 11 has a better ability to print thin walls than Nylon 12. Use Nylon 11 to print enclosures, ducts and other complex geometries.

Environmental Stability

Nylon 11 is resistant to environmental conditions. Nylon 11 absorbs very little moisture and is resistant to light, heat and chemicals. Use Nylon 11 over Nylon 12 when designing parts to be used outside.

Nylon 11 polymer powder_what can it make

Sustainable Material Usage

Unused Nylon 11 powder from previous prints can be recycled and used again. With Nylon 11 you can create prints contain 50% recycled powder, be more efficient with your material usage. However Nylon 12 can create prints from 70% recycled powder.

Examples of Use

  • Impact-resistant prototypes, jigs, and fixtures
  • Snap fits, clips and hinges
  • Thin-walled ducts and enclosures

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