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Massivit’s Latest Large-scale, Dual Extruding Printer

The M5000 is the latest model in the Massivit range, it is the fastest printer in the market. Dual print heads allows for multiple parts to be produced at the same time and it’s the only model compatible with Dimengel 110, Massivit’s most innovative material yet.

Layer Height:

Feature Definition:

Material System:

Build Volume:

Slicing Software:

1mm, 1.3mm and 1.5mm (fastest)

Up to 0.5mm

2 Print heads

1.45 x 1.1 x 1.8 (m)

Advanced Massivit SMART Pro Slicer (2 complimentary licenses)



Remote Monitoring:


Dimengel 90, Dimengel 100 and Dimengel 110 (new)

40″ touchscreen flat panel

3 internal cameras for remote monitoring

Automated cleaning services of print heads


Due to the large build volume designers can produce car panels, boats hulls and sculptures from one print.

Build Volume: 1.45 x 1.1 x 1.8 (m)


Massivit is the only company to use Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) whereby photo polymeric material is instantly UV cured as it is extruded. GDP is 30x faster than FFD


Producing parts with the Massivit M5000 is less labour intensive, reduces lead times and requires no tooling to be outsourced from secondary companies.

Most Advanced 3D Printing

Massivit printing combines all the latest technology to supply manufacturers with a friendly user experience and exceptional results.

Massivit printers service a range of industries: Automotive, Marine, Rail, Architecture and Visual Communications

Massivit m5000 sustainability

Improved Workflow

The Massivit M5000 produces the highest quality prints than any other printer in the Massivit range. It is the only printer than is compatible with Dimengel 110, using this photopolymer produces parts with the smoothest surface quality, meaning end use parts can be made overnight.

3D printing is a versatile manufacturing style, designers have the ability to change and edit designs without having to invest in new and expensive tooling.

All Massivit printers come with advanced slicing software which adapts to what your print is being used for (moulds, furniture, restorations etc.)

M5000 Massivit improved workflow

Better Sustainability

Eliminate the mess, waste and storage requirements that is usually associated with CNC machining or manual labour.

The Massivit M5000 can produce complex shapes containing overhangs with little to no support structure, reducing material usage and cost.

M5000 two print heads

Two Print Heads

The Massivit M5000 is fitted with two print heads, it is able to print two separate designs simultaneously. It is even able to produce the two designs in different materials.

Print times are estimated to be 30x faster than industrial, smaller printers.

Massivit M5000 product

Remote monitoring and automated cleaning

The Massivit M5000 is equipped with 3 cameras to allow for remote monitoring. A camera is fitted to each print head to monitor the performance and preform automated cleaning when necessary.

Access to a Variety of Materials

The M5000 printer is compatible with all the photo polymeric acrylic gel in the Massivit range.

Due to the dual extruder feature on the M5000, users are able to print two objects at once, even in different materials!

polypropylene sindoh

Dimengel 110

Dimengel 110 is a photo polymeric gel that provides users with the best finish, it can produce the finest details in a smooth professional finish. Reducing post processing and increasing the attractiveness of the model

Technical data sheet

Product coming soon

MASSIVit Dimengel 100 Printing Material

Dimengel 100

Dimengel 100 is an all purpose material, it has a relatively high tensile strength, it is stiff and resistance to impact forces. Use this material for prints requiring more mechanical properties.

Technical data Sheet

MASSIVit Dimengel 90 Printing Material

Dimengel 90

Dimengel 90 is the most cost effective material in the Massivit range. Use this material for rapid prototypes, parts requiring less mechanical properties or prints being used for destructive testing.

Technical data sheet

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