Onyx FR-A


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Markforged Onyx FR-A


Onyx FR-A is a fire resistant and aerospace-ready 3D printing material that is available for all the Markforged printers in the industrial range. Markforged has revolutionised the aerospace engineering market.

Markforged FR onyx filament 1

Fire Resistant and Expert Performance


Onyx FR-A is an unique material and is the one of the most advanced in the FDM 3D printing industry. Layer adhesion has been maximised to ensure that the part can withstand huge atmospheric changes that it may experience. The material has been designed to withstand high temperatures and preform even when exposed to naked flames.

onyx fr a workflow efficency

Efficient Workflow


The workflow of using the  material and printing with it has had careful consideration. Designs are easy to alter and upload to the Markforged printers due to the usability of the online slicing software, Eiger. Implementing highly precise quality control methods can now be done through an AI software, Markforged Blacksmith. The software completes real-time quality checks and alters the printers settings accordingly.


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