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The Markforged Mark Two  industrial-grade 3D printer is the most reliable 3D Printer for producing strong, reliable & production ready parts. It does this by uniquely adding continuous carbon fibre reinforcement to either a Nylon or Onyx base filament creating parts that can outperform Aluminium.

It is the only 3D printer in the industry that allows you to go from CAD to stunning, strong, end-use parts in hours making it perfect for manufacturing and industrial applications.


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Continuous Fibre 3D Printing

In addition to printing Onyx, the Mark Two industrial grade 3D printer uses materials not used on any other 3D desktop printer such as Continuous Fibre Glass, Continuous Kevlar & Continuous Carbon Fibre. This where serious strength is added and the strength of the part can increase up to 14 times.

Eiger software

Eiger is the worlds most advanced cloud based 3D Printing software. The software allows you to choose base material, reinforcement quantity & location and print in plastic or metal based upon your chosen machine.


Mark Two comes with a touchscreen meaning its easy to manage your printer, start & pause prints & carry out maintenance.

Easy to use

A seamless experience between hardware & software make the Markforged Printers incredibly easy to use & very intuitive.

High printing strength

The Markforged family of printers are unrivalled by any other printer in terms of strength, stiffness & overall performance. The parts are also incredibly durable and lightweight.

Precision design

The Markforged family of printers are made to exceptionally high standards. Everything is machines from Aluminium to be precise and stiff meaning a better print. You can stop the print 1/2 way remove the bed, inspect the print, return the bed to the printer & continue to print.

Quality parts

The surface finish on Markforged printers are as good as you can find with FDM printing technology and the Carbon Fibre reinforcement adds to the stiffness & quality of the finished product.

Build Volume:

The build volume of Markforged Mark Two is 320 × 132 × 154mm.


  • Materials Onyx, Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass, Nylon, Kevlar, High Temp. Fibreglass
  • Layer Height 100 microns (0.1mm)
  • Build Dimensions 320mm x 132mm x 154mm
  • Brand Markforged
  • Manufacturer SKU MK2-ENT-01
  • Connectivity WiFi, USB Stick, Ethernet Cable
  • Technology Composite Filament Fabrication (CFF) ™
  • System Requirements Windows 7+, Mac OS 10.7 Lion+, Linux
  • Software Eiger (browser based)
  • Supports Nylon
  • Dimensions 575mm x 322mm x 360mm
  • Weight (KG) 29
  • Power Requirements 100–240V 150W

What's Included

  • 800 cm³ Onyx
  • 50 cm³ Fibreglass
  • 100 cm³ Carbon Fibre
  • 50 cm³ Kevlar®
  • 50 cm³ HSHT Fiberglass
  • 1 x Pelican case dry box
  • 1 x Markforged True Bed Print Bed
  • 3 x CFF Nozzles
  • 3 x FFF Nozzles




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